We get to get some cool things here at Galaxy Inflatable Parks but every so often something special comes along. Flight Adventure Park in Springfield, Vir., has undergone an extensive renovation. All elements of this once trampoline park have been changed and updated.

All new attractions in the adventure park are themed around flight with the aim to promote learning through play. The existing trampoline dodgeball courts were removed to create a 4,200 square foot inflatable park.

Features of the New Flight Adventure Park

Guests are welcomed into the inflatable park with a series of rocket obstacles and a giant moon crater slide. We took our popular big balls inflatable attraction and themed it as three planets. Guests have to traverse the planets while keeping their balance.

A Galaxy Inflatable Park wouldn’t be complete without a Toxic Meltdown and Flight Adventure Park doesn’t disappoint. The park’s customized version includes a giant airplane propeller you need to jump over as it spins around.

To embrace the competitive nature of inflatable park guests we themed a Battle Zone like a futuristic space station to see who will be the winner. Smaller guests aren’t left out as the dedicated Toddler Zone is themed to look like an airport with security scanners, baggage trolley obstacle course and a huge airplane on top of the slide.

A Customized Rodeo Rocket Ride

The jewel in the crown is the custom Rodeo Rocket where astronauts will test their balance,strength and agility to see who can last the longest. Elsewhere in the adventure park we designed a giant inflatable shuttle ramp to take park guests up to a level where they can either jump into a stunt air bag or take on the zipline which goes through a gargantuan inflatable nose cone to the landing area.

Stephen Yeffa, CEO of Flight Adventure Park and new Chairman of the International Association of Trampoline Parks, said the park is excited to offer the new inflatable attractions that add more fun and learning opportunities for customers.

“This will give our guests a completely new experience,” he said. “We’re pleased with what our partnership with Galaxy Multi Rides has created for our guests to enjoy.”

For more information on Flight Adventure Park visit: https://flightadventurepark.com/springfield/

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