If you are a business owner who wants to upgrade your trampoline park with the addition of thrill rides and inflatable entertainment, you will enjoy a host of compelling advantages that can transform the park into a dynamic destination. This upgrade enriches customers’ experience and enhances the park’s market appeal, revenue potential and overall competitiveness.

Incorporating thrill rides and inflatable entertainment diversifies the activities you offer, catering to a broader audience. This approach ensures visitors of all ages and interests will find engaging and captivating options, ultimately driving higher foot traffic and longer visits to your trampoline park.

Why Upgrade Your Trampoline Park?

Trampoline park owners considering an upgrade to an inflatable park have many compelling reasons to make the transition. While trampoline parks offer unique attractions, thrill rides and inflatable structures provide a fresh and exciting dimension to what they offer.

Here are several key reasons why trampoline park owners should seriously consider upgrading with thrill rides and inflatable attractions from Galaxy Multi Rides.

Diversified entertainment. Thrill rides and inflatable attractions add a new layer of diversity to the entertainment options within the park. They offer a varied and novel experience, enticing new and existing visitors.

Expanded target audience. Trampoline parks often cater primarily to older children and teenagers. By incorporating thrill rides and inflatable structures, owners can extend their appeal to a broader demographic, including younger children and families. This inclusivity can lead to increased foot traffic, longer visit durations and higher overall revenue.

Innovative attractions. Inflatable parks and thrill rides from Galaxy Multi Rides offer a wide array of innovative attractions that can spark interest and excitement among visitors. Unique and themed inflatables can create immersive experiences, encouraging repeat visits and word-of-mouth marketing.

Easy customization. Inflatables and thrill rides can be easily customized to fit a specific theme or branding, allowing trampoline park owners to create a cohesive and engaging environment. This customization can enhance the overall ambiance of the park and strengthen its brand identity.

Galaxy Multi Rides Offers Many Thrill Ride Options

If you’re a business owner who wants to upgrade your trampoline park, Galaxy Multi Rides offers a variety of high-quality options designed specifically to meet your needs.

Mechanical Bulls

Since 1990, Galaxy Multi Rides has been at the forefront of crafting the utmost innovative, dependable and secure Mechanical Bull systems and attachments. Pioneers of the Multi Ride system, Galaxy Multi Rides’ dedication to clients drives them to continually develop new products aimed at elevating their profits. Options include attachments that convert the traditional bull into a range of other options, from tacos, broomsticks and alligators to a bear, bulldog, spider and zombie bull.

Interactive Action Games

Galaxy Multi Rides offers an exciting variety of multiplayer action game challenges built with both quality and safety in mind. They include portable obstacle courses, commercial grade trampoline park equipment, and custom built inflatable racing challenges.

Galaxy Ninja Courses

GALAXY NINJA™ Motorized Warrior Courses and the Galaxy Ninja™ Mobile Warrior Trailer blend the intensity of American Ninja Warrior with the thrill of action TV game shows. These exceptional, competitive challenges redefine the traditional obstacle course experience. Amidst the rising popularity of adventure warrior obstacle courses, Galaxy Multi Rides stands as the exclusive source for acquiring GALAXY NINJA™ Motorized Warrior Courses.

Crafted within Galaxy Multi Rides facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom, the GALAXY NINJA™ Motorized Warrior Courses have the hallmark of the company’s quality and safety standards. Clients can also customize with their own logos, company colors and desired graphics.

Galaxy Multi Rides Inflatable Parks

Galaxy is a worldwide leader in designing customized inflatable parks for clients around the world. These parks are at the forefront of family-friendly entertainment, offering park owners a chance to offer customers something they have never seen. Check out designs and videos of Galaxy Multi Rides inflatable parks around the world to get an idea of what they offer.


The Adrenalator takes the idea of a treadmill and then expands it into something awesome and fun. People who take on the Adrenalator run up a 15-foot long treadmill at a 27-degree angle. It’s truly like nothing people have seen before, and it’s guaranteed to immediately boost your trampoline park to another level.

Board Rides and Simulators

Galaxy Multi Rides has what you are looking for in board rides, whether it’s a single player surf machine or multiplayer challenge. They include the Surf Machine and Deluxe Surf Machine, which make a great addition to family entertainment centers and trampoline parks.

These additions can upgrade your trampoline park and make your business a destination location for families, teens and young adults. By embracing the evolution in entertainment rental options,  trampoline park owners can breathe new life into their business.