A Galaxy Ninja Course provides some of the most exciting, challenging entertainment you can offer guests at your venue. They feature a variety of competitive challenges beyond anything your customers have experienced with traditional obstacle courses.

Over the years, Galaxy Multi Ride has developed a slate of Ninja Course options that allow entertainment centers and other venues to find the course that best fits their space while also meeting the needs of customers.

Each provides its own set of challenges. Galaxy also can customize each with company logos, colors or graphics. In addition to ninja warrior obstacle courses, Galaxy also has warped walls for sale.

How to Choose a Warped Wall

Galaxy Ninja Course Options

Every Galaxy Ninja Course has unique challenges that offer repeatable fun for adults and kids. Galaxy designed the courses for anyone over four feet tall. The courses don’t require special strength or speed. While Galaxy can custom fit all the courses to meet your budget and space, each one comes with the following.

  • Control System
  • Light and Sound Effects
  • Foam/Vinyl Padded Steel Framed Surround
  • Interactive Electric Timer and Scoreboard
  • Aluminum Truss System
  • Safety Inflatable Base Cushion
  • Suspended Hanging Obstacles

Galaxy Ninja Course Challenge

This challenge pits players against the clock. They must make their way through a ninja course that includes a climbing wall, Parkour blocks, hanging platforms, doors, cheese boards and hand holds. Players also must get over the Warped Wall. When they finish, they get to hit the stop button that activates a smoke blast.

Ninja Wall

Warped walls have become popular in recent years, and for good reason. A warped wall, whether solid or inflatable, includes a steep incline that players must conquer to reach the top. The inflatable Galaxy Ninja Wall offers three different deck heights that give players different challenges. They then slide back down to hit a button, setting off a smoke blast and LED lights.

Check out the Galaxy Warped Wall!

Galaxy Hybrid Motorized Ninja Course

The Galaxy Hybrid Motorized Courses allows two players to compete against each other to navigate various obstacles on their way to the finish line. These obstacles include two inflatable elevated walkways, eight mechanized obstacles and floating platforms, hanging cheese boards, Parkour blocks and trapeze steps. This one comes in four different versions with different options for obstacles.

Galaxy Ninja Motorized Warrior

The Motorized Warrior also offers mechanical obstacles to overcome in a race against the clock. The obstacles include spinning arms and steep inclines. Each player hits a button to set off the clock as they enter the course. After conquering the various obstacles and looping back, they hit the button to record their time.

There are five options for this ninja warrior obstacle course. Each level of the Galaxy Ninja Motorized courses gets bigger, with more obstacles. The biggest is 90 feet long and includes a dual-lane Adrenalator, a treadmill with an incline that presents a tough challenge. It also has rotating obstacles and challenging hurdles.

What is the Adrenelator®

A Galaxy Ninja Course takes the concept of a traditional obstacle course and it turns into a high-energy, challenging piece of adventure entertainment. With the options and customization available, it’s not difficult to find a ninja warrior obstacle course that will keep your customers coming back again and again.

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