Multiplayer action games give groups of customers a chance to all play a game together, often in competition against each other. That’s a huge draw for family fun centers, especially popular games such as the Redneck Games, Kapow, Toxic Games, Grand Slammer or a version of the Mechanical Bull Ride.

These games grow in popularity each year. For entertainment center owners, it’s important to keep these professional inflatables up-to-date with the latest add-ons and features. Each can become a magnet for growing your customer base and improving the bottom line.

Mechanical Bull Ride

If there is one multiplayer action game to have, this is it. Everyone thinks of a country and western bar or party when they think of a bull ride, but these days it’s a draw for festivals, corporate parties, birthdays, schools, church events and entertainment centers.

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That’s because it’s so much fun. It’s also because it comes with so many attachments that can make your mechanical ride fit into the theme of your fun center. Galaxy Multi Rides has made them since 1990. It’s one of the steadiest money-making rides in the leisure industry.

There are more than 60 ride attachments, including:

  • Animals such as a shark, whale, bear, alligator and buffalo.
  • Action and sports themes that include a football, soccer ball, helmet, skateboard, snowboard and surfboard.
  • Seasonal and holiday themes that include a Jack-O Lantern, spider, zombie and reindeer.

It’s important to note that each of these is tested for safety and includes a large inflatable arena that provides soft landings, as well as an auto stop feature.

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Redneck Games Multiplayer Action

This multiplayer action game has a story: There’s been an explosion at the local mill, logs are flying through the air, and they are knocking people into a gator-infested swamp. All that is represented in the game, which has a whirling log, stumps for players to stand on and avoid the log, and inflatable gators in the surrounding arena. There’s little wonder why this version of the Redneck Games, called the Log Slammer, has been popular for so long.

Redneck Games & Combination Options

It’s a game that will draw a crowd and can also be used along with the mechanical bull. Other versions of the game include Battle Zone, River Rush, Volcano Zone, Meltdown Zone, Patriot Games and other colors and variations.


In this multiplayer game, players race each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course, trying to be the first one to reach the middle and then exit the course. It’s not as easy as it sounds. KAPOW has two rotating boom arms, one at knee or thigh height and the other at chest or head height. It will provide your customers a real challenge and a great way to compete.

Toxic Games

The Toxic Games from Galaxy Multi Rides are unique and provide a challenging thrill, each in its own way. They include:

Toxic Meltdown, a game that also features a swinging boom arm and up to eight players who must stay on their podium by ducking under or leaping the arm.

Toxic Drop, a two-person obstacle course that takes players higher and higher as they navigate through inflatable x-walls, over and under The Mangle and climb up blocks before reaching the top and either gliding down or dropping through soft inflatables back to the soft surface.

Toxic Rampage, the world’s first portable, modular obstacle course that allows you to set up a unique course using 3, 6 or 12 modules. There are both inflatable and mechanical obstacles, including motorized spinning disks;  inflatable podiums and rock wall climb; mechanical, form-covered arms that block your path; a seesaw and a slide at the end.

The Toxic Twister is so hard and so much fun. This unique piece of entertainment requires players to climb up to a platform, jump on a spinning disk, jump from there to an elevated walkway, then leap across to another elevated walkway, and then leap to another spinning disk before taking a slide back to the bottom. All this is surrounded by a soft, inflatable zone – which is where a lot of people are going to land!

Grand Slammer

This is a new sweeper game that is based on the Log Jammer and Toxic Meltdown. The Grand Slammer is baseball themed, with a sweeper that is a giant bat and the podiums on the four bases in the stadium. It’s perfect for sports-themed sections at family fun centers.

4 & 8 Person Grand Slammer Action Game

These games provide your clients something beyond what they can get anywhere else. By keeping up with the latest designs and game ideas, you can ensure that your business keeps attracting new customers and that you stay far ahead of the competition.

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