Companies looking to expand or start an amusement business should begin by finding an exceptional manufacturer of commercial inflatables. During that search, keep in mind that you want companies that do their own manufacturing, have a great safety record, provide service beyond the sale and offer a variety of options – all of which you can get with Galaxy Multi Rides.

The Florida-based company has been in business since 1985. Started in the United Kingdom, the company expanded to the United States in the 1990s and now has its own factory in Port Charlotte, Florida. The family-run business operates worldwide and has sold amusement rides in 45 different countries.

Galaxy Multi Rides has attributes that amusement business owners search for when they want to add rides to their business. Some of those key factors include the following.

Amusement Ride Safety

Safety ranks as a priority for amusement business owners. Before getting serious about talking to a manufacturer, make sure they have a track record of providing safe commercial inflatables. You also will want to know the latest safety features and make sure the manufacturer uses them. In the case of Galaxy Multi Rides, the company has been the first to adopt new safety features, including Automatic Stop Sensors and Soft Foam Safety heads.

It’s also vital that companies meet the highest safety regulations. Galaxy Multi Rides is UL-certified in the U.S. and CE-certified in Europe. They also have certifications from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), ASTM International, German-based TUV and U.K.-based Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme.

Experience in Commercial Inflatables

Amusement rides are not an area where you want to go with someone new. Let your competitors take that chance. If a company has operated for many years with success, that’s a sure sign they offer quality products. Look for those who have operated for many years with a wide variety of clients.

Variety and Customization

Large companies offer a variety of rides for amusement business owners to consider. They should offer commercial inflatables that include bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses. The best companies also offer the option to customize inflatables for your business, making your attraction a unique ride that can be used in advertising and spark word of mouth business.

Manufacturing and Service

It’s also wise to find companies that do not outsource manufacturing. Galaxy Multi Rides handles 90% of the manufacturing for its projects at facilities in Port Charlotte and in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in England.

The company also recommends servicing the ride every 12 months. They consider those who buy their products as partners and work with them after the sale, sharing the latest tips on marketing, sales, and promotion.

Those looking to expand or start an amusement business should keep the above tips in mind. Search for companies that score well in every category. When it comes to buying commercial inflatables, you want a safe, innovative and experienced manufacturer as a partner.