Boost FEC Profits with Electronic Shooting GamesInteractive games are a great way to increase your FEC profits and electronic shooting games are a hit everywhere they go. They are easily transportable and can be set up almost any where. Backyards, churches, company picnics, bars, clubs, sport stores; anywhere people gather is a great place for an Interactive game.

A great example of the perfect Interactive game is the Galaxy Multiride Armchair Sports Star. This game currently comes with American football, Baseball, Dodge ball, Darts, Basketball, Football(Soccer), Tennis, cricket, and Volleyball. For Christmas there are throwing snowballs at Santa and his elves. For Halloween it is throwing mini pumpkins and Ghosts and Ghouls. For easter it is Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.

The Armchair Sports Star consists of a moving armchair and a vinyl screen with from one to six sensors. The object of the game is to throw balls at specific targets while the armchair moves your around so as to get the highest score.

The Armchair Sports Star is set inside a 10 feet by 15 feet inflatable. A neat thing about it is you can remove the armchair and replace it with a mechanical bull or a surfboard. If you don’t like the games already offered come up with your own idea and Galaxy will make your game to order. This game is a lot of fun for kids and a great moneymaker.

Another excellent Galaxy Interactive game is the Ambush. You are riding along on your horse and six outlaws appear. Each outlaw has two sensors, one in the head worth ten points, and one in the body worth five points. You have got a colt 45 and 60 seconds to shoot as many outlaws as you can while your horse rotates. There is an electronic score board with sound effects that displays your score and the high score of the day. Your horse is surrounded by an inflatable , so should you fall off, you are entirely safe. This is another game kids AND adults love.

Here’s an Interactive game that everyone loves: Quick Draw Mcgraw. This is a two player game. Each player is equipped with a sheriff’s start, a gun holster, and two replica colt Peacemaker pistols. The object of the game is to outshoot your opponent. When you hear the words, “This town ain’t big enough for both of us DRAW,” you both draw and fire aiming at the sheriff’s star on your opponent. The star has a sensor that will register a hit. The best draw wins.

For extra excitement keep the best draw in the game until he is defeated. This will draw a crowd and make you money.

Another two player interactive game is the OK Corral Shooting Gallery. You and your partner each have a Winchester rifle and sixty seconds to shoot as many out laws as you can. Targets are only live while they are illuminated so you must be accurate and fast. When the lights go out you can’t score and you never know which outlaw will light up next.

For more information on the best interactive electronic shooting games, visit the best manufacturer. Galaxy Multirides has everything you need to build your FEC business profits fast.