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Toxic Rampage

Inflatable modular obstacle course with thrilling mechanical elements

Toxic Rampage

Being the world’s first portable modular obstacle course, Galaxy brings the perfect blend of challenging mechanical and inflatable elements with Toxic Rampage. Now you can live the dream of being a contestant on those extreme game TV shows at your next event!

Toxic Rampage is a unique obstacle course, the result of over 18 months of work to bring it to life.

Toxic Rampage Characteristics

The game is what you want it to be:

  • Each modular section is only 15 feet x 15 feet (4.5m. x 4.5m.) square, so it can easily be set up by two people.
  • Each module can go in any combination: whether you have 3, 6 or even 12 modules, every setup can be a unique course!
  • Multiple two lane modules that can be interconnected in any configuration to suit your exact requirements. All of the modules are 15’ x 15’ (4.5m. x 4.5m.), apart from Toxic Meltdown Mountain which is 25’ x 15’ (7.5m. x 4.5m.).
  • Toxic Rampage can be configured to create a system that can be as a compact as a 30’ x 15’ (9m. x 4.5m.) system up to the ultimate system that would be 130’ x 15’ (40m. x 4.5m.).
  • There are 4 modules that incorporate both inflatable and mechanical obstacle challenges, and 4 modules with inflatable challenges.
  • This is a “run through” game, in which two players start and race through the game to see who gets to the end first. Once they have got through the second module the operator can start another pair of players. This allows a continuous flow of players making Toxic Rampage a high capacity game.

Toxic Rampage Modules

We currently have 7 modules to choose from, with plans another 5 units as we expand the range:

  • Module 1. The Centrifuge is a two lane 15’ x 15’ (4.5m x 4.5m.) inflatable with 4 static stepping stone podiums with a motorized spinning disc, sandwiched between the podiums in each lane. The players have to run, jumping from one podium to the next, without falling in to the “toxic waste”. Sounds easy? Maybe, right up until the moment they have to get past the Centrifuge. This will be rotating at speed, so they have to be quick and agile to get past & on to the next podium & through to the next section.
  • Module 2. The Radioactive Ramp is based on the see-saw method. The players walk up an 8’ x 4’ (2.5m. x 1.2m.) ramp platform that is pivoted in the centre. They must use all their balance & skill to walk up & down both sides of the trap door without falling. Once past this challenge they are now faced with the next module.
  • Module 3. The Crusher is a “fearsome” mechanical arm that has an up and down action which the players must avoid at all costs! This 15’ x 15’ (4.5m. x 4.5m.) module consist of  3 horizontal tubes that you must crawl under or over. Then you are confronted by the Crusher, followed by an another set of inflatable tubes in your path. Once you are out the other side you now enter the next module section.
  • Module 4. Neutron Collision. As you push your way through a maze of pop-up inflatable obstacles on this 15’ x 15’ (4.5m. x 4.5m.) module, you may feel this is somewhat easy. But, how wrong can you be? As you break free in to the opening you are confronted by the deadly Neutron Collision. This is a 4 way rotating cross that you must step over without touching. If you are successful you can then safely move on to the next module.
  • Module 5. The Toxic Meltdown Mountain is a 25’ x 15’ (7.5m. x 4.5m.) slide section. The players must scramble to the top, then slide down the other side. Who will be first to arrive in the final challenge?
  • Module 6. The Reactor Run is the final challenge. The players must negotiate their way through a maze of vertical inflatable pop-up “radioactive rods” and obstacles. If they are successful they have managed to escape The Toxic Rampage.
  • Module 7. The Toxic Turnaround. Struggling for space? Then this 30′ (9m.) wide by 9′ (2.7m.) deep turnaround section will bring your players back to the same Start / Finish point.


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