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Toxic Meltdown Junior

Toxic Meltdown Junior

Toxic Meltdown is a game for the whole family to play, but what happens when the kids just want to have fun with other kids? Then… Toxic Meltdown Junior to the rescue!

After seeing the huge success Toxic Meltdown has been, here at Galaxy we couldn’t wait to create the same concept but for children only, and that’s how Toxic Meltdown Junior was born.

A fun, entertaining game, to bring the kids laughter -and tiredness-, extremely safe, light and easy to transport, just as any of our multi ride systems.

Now you can use your Toxic Meltdown Junior motion base with our successful Toxic Meltdown and with the great KAPOW Lite! Make the most out of your investment.

Toxic Meltdown Junior comes complete with:

  • 16’ (4.9m. x 4.9m.) round themed inflatable with a 52″ (1.3m.) tall wall
  • The boom Toxic Meltdown attachment
  • The Low Profile spin motion base with spin motion
  • The control console has 1 pre-set automatic program, with a variable speed control
  • A 1.5hp. B-Air blower
  • A comprehensive five year warranty*

Technical Specifications

110-240 volts single phase drawing 12-16 amps
20’ x 20’ x 10′ headroom / 6m. x 6m. x 3m. headroom
670lbs. / 304kg.
1 crate @ 62” x 62” x 57” x 920lbs. (155cm. x 155cm. x 145cm. x 417kg.)


Revenue Projection & Return on Investment

How much can YOU make?

Charge $5 per player

Earn $20 every 4 minutes for 4 players
Earn $300 per Hour
Earn $2,400 per 8 Hours
Earn $16,800 per Week
Earn $873,600 per Year

Charge $1,200 – $1,800 per 4-6 hour period with 2 operators.

Return on Your Investment

We realize you can’t operate at 100% capacity. However operating at just 15% capacity would earn you up to:

$360 per day
$2,520 per Week
$10,080 per Month
$120,960 per Year

Let’s Talk Numbers. (941) 697 0324

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