Where to buy Interactive InflatablesTips for Choosing Interactive Games, Meltdown Games, Redneck Games & Interactive Inflatables
Over the last few years, we have seen the popularity of interactive inflatable manufactured products rise dramatically. More and more party rental businesses are searching for these types of amusement rides for sale. If you own your own party rental business (or would like to own one) then you should seriously consider partnering with an interactive inflatables manufacturer. Galaxy Multi Rides is a fantastic choice to partner with. They are the original manufacturers of the Multi Ride mechanical bull but there is so much more to Galaxy Multi Rides than just the mechanical bull. They offer a wide variety of amusement rides for sale. Here, we will tell you about just a few:

Interactive Games – The Mechanical Bull

Galaxy Mechanical Bull | Amusement Rides for Sale | Interactive InflatablesOne of Galaxy’s most popular amusement rides for sale is the classic mechanical bull. Galaxy’s inflatable take on this party classic is safer than most. In part, this is true because of the special safety head that comes with most Galaxy mechanical bulls. Believe it or not, a mechanical bull ride can be great fun for people of all ages. This is why Galaxy offers mechanical bulls for riders of all ages and skill ranges. Our machines can be taken nearly anywhere because they are so lightweight, easy to operate, and to set-up. Plus, we offer a variety of machines at nearly every price point. And you can get a lot more than the Mechanical Bull when you make your purchase. Our interactive games attachments for the bull motion base can give you a new ride almost every day of the month! We have stock attachments or will custom build an attachment just for your business.

Interactive Action Games – Meltdown Games & Redneck Games

Meltdown Games |Buy Interactive InflatablesWant something a bit more challenging? As an interactive inflatables manufacturer, Galaxy is also proud to offer interactive action games & rides. We started with the Redneck Games & they were so popular that we’re adding new games all the time. Our Meltdown Games have turned out to be a huge hit wherever they go and we are continually adding to the fun with new exciting ideas to build your business.. These action games are more than just amusement rides for sale. Instead, they are fun contests that can liven up any event. For example, our Hillbilly style Redneck Games pits participants against swinging booms that they must avoid. Other such action games, like Meltdown, require players to remain on a raised platform. Still other games that we offer include Kapow! and Toxic Rampage, both of which are challenging inflatable obstacle courses. Attendees at events really love them. And that means more money for you!

And Much More!

Interactive Shooting Gallery | Amusment equipment for SaleGalaxy is much more than just an interactive inflatables manufacturer. Visit our webpage at www.galaxymultirides.com to learn more about what we offer. No matter what sorts of amusement rides you are looking for, we can help. We offer board rides, custom rides, and other action games. You can also find themed electronic shooting galleries on our site Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products that you might have. We are the one-stop-shop for many party rental companies in the UK, USA and around the world. Come see why so many companies choose Galaxy for their amusement equipment choice.