For many years, amusement equipment and ride operators had to wait all year to take advantage of the best pricing for their new equipment. And many times it put them at a real disadvantage.

Since most companies had their best cash flow during the summer, it sucked to know that if they bought a new piece of equipment in July, there was a good chance that the price would be much cheaper once the trade show season started in November.

IAAPA, which is held in November each year, has always been THE place to visit to get the best deals on equipment. And there were a couple of shows that followed it that offered some nice deals too. One was the ARA show and the other was the Gibtown show.

Of course, things have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Now there are other trade shows like the Inflatable Road Show, that offer opportunities to buy equipment at other times of the year.

However, the IAAPA show is the big show that everyone thinks about when they want to get the best deals for their business.

The problem with this is that IAPPA is HUGE and it’s CROWDED. And if you are somewhat new to the industry, the amount of entertainment ideas alone can make choosing a new piece of equipment very difficult.

Every entertainment business owner should visit IAAPA if they can. The learning experience alone is unbelievable. But they shouldn’t have to visit IAAPA just to get the best price on their equipment

Galaxy is offering a new experience this year that will allow buyers to actually purchase their equipment BEFORE the show. And they will get the full IAAPA discount. Since there is so much volume sold at the shows, every buyer gets their order placed on a “first come, first serve” basis. So if you wait until the last day of the show to make your purchase, it could be months before you actually get the equipment you want.

So, do your buying the smart way this year. Go to our website and pick those products you want for your business. Then give us a call or email and we’ll quote you the IAAPA price. In many cases you will be making profits before your competitor even gets their new ride.

If you have any questions about our IAAPA discount program, get more info here:

So go ahead and buy now….get the work out of the way and just enjoy the show!  Just LOOK at just some of the things you’ll see at IAAPA!