Entertainment venues constantly search for exciting ways to attract new patrons and keep current ones as loyal customers. One trend that appeals to thrill-seekers and entrepreneurs alike is the addition of board rides to the list of attractions offered by a family center or event rental company.

Modern technology allows board rides to include all manner of adrenaline-pumping board rides, including surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding. For venue owners, they have emerged as potential game-changers when it comes to offering unique rides that attract a crowd.

Galaxy Multi Rides provides a range of board ride simulators that include single-player experiences and competitive multiplayer challenges. For example, the Surf Machine and Deluxe Surf Machine, both favorites for family entertainment centers and event rental businesses, offer engaging options for a wide variety of settings.

The Benefits of Offering Board Rides

Both entertainment venues and event rental companies benefit from adding board rides to what they offer. Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding, board rides provide an exciting alternative to traditional entertainment options.

Board rides also increase foot traffic, an important factor for family centers. The novelty of the experience, coupled with the thrill of board sports, attracts people who may not have been regular patrons otherwise.

By appealing to more people, businesses and rental companies can stay ahead of the competition. It’s important to provide people with something they can’t get anywhere else. That competitive edge also translates into stronger customer loyalty. Another bonus is that the visual appeal of board rides makes them share-worthy on social media, providing customer-driven marketing on social media platforms.

Beyond the initial investment, board rides can become a new, consistent revenue stream. With the potential for repeat visits and special events, the return on investment can be substantial over time.

Create a Social, Vibrant Atmosphere

The benefits of incorporating board sports into your entertainment business extend beyond the thrill factor. Board sports are inherently social activities, creating an environment where people come together, share experiences and build connections. This sense of community can translate into repeat business as customers return not just for the activities but for the vibrant atmosphere and friendships formed at the venue.

Board sports also align with the growing trend of health and wellness. Surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding are physically demanding activities that provide a full-body workout. By offering these experiences, your entertainment business becomes a destination for those seeking a fun and active way to stay fit. This appeal to the health-conscious demographic can broaden your customer base and contribute to the overall success of your venture.

For those seeking competitive thrills, Galaxy Multi Rides offers a variety of options. They include the Big Wave Surf Inflatable, a remarkable 13-foot inflatable designed to capture attention with its visually striking appeal, making it an irresistible attraction for visitors.

Galaxy Multi Rides also offers the Xtreme Board Combo that features three action ride sports games within a single inflatable structure, offering versatility with skate, surf and snowboarding attachments. Interchangeable graphics sheets allow for theme customization, catering to a wide audience and providing a dynamic experience for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Attracting new customers requires a diverse number of attractions, and board rides provide a way to accomplish that in a way customers will find exciting.