While repeat customers provide the key to long term business success, drawing new patrons ranks just as important to keep a business stable and growing. Experts recommend many ways to bring customers to your store, including creation of a great entry on Google Business, company-branded rides, a memorable sign, a beautifully decorated interior, in-store events, donation drives and special deals.

Any combination of these ideas can keep a business thriving. For those in the family entertainment center business, it’s vital to drive foot traffic to your shop to keep the number of customers steady and growing.

Custom Branded Rides

Why New Customers Are Important

Loyal customers provide the bedrock for most retail establishments. These repeat customers provide income a business owner can count on. But there’s no way around it – you will lose a percentage of these customers each month.

Even the most frequent repeat customer could get stolen away by a competitor who offers a new deal, or some other service or product people want. They may eventually return, but it’s important to plan for losing some of them.

New customers fill those gaps and expand your business into new areas. That means finding ways to drive foot traffic to your shop is extremely important and can make the difference between making a comfortable profit or barely treading water.

Methods To Bring Customers To Your Store

The following methods are tried and true ways to bring customers to your store.

List On Google Business

These days, it’s imperative for your business to pop up when people do a Google search for the product or service you offer. Make sure your business is presented in the best light possible. It’s also important to answer any online reviews, whether positive or negative.

Company-Branded Rides

For family entertainment centers, make sure to have your specific logo placed on your best rides. These company-branded rides will help customers connect your business with the fun of the ride.

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A Memorable Sign

You’ll want some input from professional designers on this one. In a small amount of space, you want to convey both what you do and why people should want to come to your shop above all others. Make sure to check on regulations in your city about what type of signs you can manufacture.

Make the Outside Memorable and Beautiful

In addition to a great, one-of-a-kind sign, it’s also good to smarten up the front of your business. The idea is not to advertise price so much as show that your business will fill a customer’s wants. Some ideas include:

  • Plant greenery
  • Decorate with flags and banners
  • Put one of your best items on display out front
  • Put a light pole sign in the parking lot
  • Repaint, clean and decorate the front of the building

You want customers to connect a certain positive look and feel to your business. Attention to these details helps to get that done.

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In-Store Events

Create in-store events that will entice new customers to check out what you have to offer. For a family entertainment center, this could include sponsoring a competition or hosting one of your own.

Partner With Local Celebrities and Influencers

Is there a blogger in your community with tons of followers? Are there local personalities who have a big fan base? Consider partnering with them to create an event that draws customers to your location. One example of this is having popular local radio talk show hosts do a live broadcast from your location.

Host a Donation Drive

A successful local business works to support the wellness of everyone in the community. Holding a charity event or a donation drive at your place of business helps the less fortunate in your community, and may introduce you to new potential customers.

Offer Special Deals

A special discount on a certain day of the week can bring in customers and a quick influx of cash. The deal can sometimes get applied to a specific ride. A family entertainment center, for example, could offer a discount to those who intend to ride the center’s mechanical bull. Or it could be a discount applied to the entry price for all customers during certain times and days of the week.

These ideas can help drive foot traffic and bring customers to your store. Once you draw them in, the high quality of both your products and your service will convert them from first-time buyers to loyal customers.

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