Family entertainment center owners looking for a way to one-up the competition should considering buying a mechanical shark ride. A cool and unique option for use with a mechanical bull ride, it offers customers the chance to do something they’ve never done before – riding a great white or hammerhead shark!

Entertainment center owners can buy a mechanical shark ride from Galaxy Multi Rides, a global leader in the design of thrill rides and inflatable entertainment options. With the choices offered by Galaxy Multi Rides, it’s easy for businesses to find commercial grade rides competitors don’t have.

Many businesses turn to Galaxy when they want to buy a bull ride machine. In addition to the company’s experience and reputation, they offer service after the sale. Galaxy also offers a way to turn the mechanical bull ride into multiple types of entertainment.

Where to Buy a Bull Ride Machine

What Are Multiple Attachment Options?

Galaxy Multi Rides has created mechanical bull rides for decades. They are considered a leader in this area not only in the United States, but around the world. The company has also invented the Sofolex soft foam safety head and tail for their mechanical bull rides, making them safer than ever.

Another advancement from Galaxy Multi Rides is creation of multiple attachment options. These foam heads can easily be swapped out for each other on the electric motion base. This allows business owners to buy a mechanical shark ride and swap it out with the bull head or any other kind of attachment from Galaxy Multi Rides.

And Galaxy Multi Rides offers a ton of options for attachments, from chicken wings and rodeo hogs to buffalo and footballs. Two of the most popular are aquatic-themed and are a part of the Shark Attack! Lineup of rides: the great white shark and hammerhead shark.

Multi Ride Attachment Options

Where Can You Use A Mechanical Shark Ride?

The mechanical shark rides offered through Galaxy Multi Rides give any type of business the chance to offer commercial grade rides that customers will love. They can prove particularly popular at family entertainment centers in coastal areas, but they work at any location.

They may also add an extra thrill to an InflataPark that already offers obstacle courses, slides, bounce houses and games.

What Are InflataParks?

Bars and restaurants may buy a mechanical shark ride to give customers another entertainment option. In most cases, a mechanical great white shark or hammerhead shark ride quickly becomes a focal point for patrons.

Entertainment rental companies also do well to add a mechanical shark ride to what they offer customers. Mechanical rides have long been a big attraction at corporate events, neighborhood get-togethers, college campus events and fundraisers. The company that offers the best rentals can help corner that lucrative market by offering something truly unique like the Shark Attack! rides.

For businesses looking to get an edge, deciding to buy a mechanical shark ride can prove one of the better decisions they make. It gives them the chance to offer customers something they don’t get anywhere else and partner with Galaxy Multi Rides, which has a track record of success.

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