For entertainment businesses ready to offer their customers something new and exciting, they can purchase a bull ride machine customized for their needs. They have many choices for the type of mechanical bull they purchase, as well as the chance to switch out the bull for other attachments like dolphins, bears and even beer cans!

It’s a ride unlike any other. For inflatable theme parks and entertainment rental companies, buying mechanical bulls from reputable ride builders such as Galaxy Multi Rides is a smart business choice.

Mechanical Bull Options

What do we mean by options? Galaxy Multi Rides offers many different types of bull ride machines to buy. The company has been making mechanical bull systems since 1990, selling them to businesses around the world.

They’ve come a long way in designing systems that are unique, safe and fun. They include the regular, premium and deluxe versions. You can also get the Ride Off! system, which includes two regular bulls on adjoining platforms. This allows riders to compete against each other at the same time.

You can also get a bull along with a big favorite – the Redneck Games Log Slammer, which is a game where a spinning log tries to knock players off pedestals (it’s all inflatable).

You can even get Angus McRodeo, a mechanical bull designed for kids.

Every bull is made with Sofolex, a compound created by Galaxy Multi Rides that is soft foam used to build the mechanical bull head. Sofolex allows for making durable bull heads and attachments (see below) that are soft enough to eliminate head injuries.

Attachments for Mechanical Bulls

These days, a mechanical bull doesn’t even have to be the “bull” part. You now can buy the ride with attachments that can replace the bull and turn your ride into one that will best attract your customer base, wherever you are in the world.

Galaxy Multi Ride has developed many optional attachments to replace the bull. The Multi Ride attachments include the following.

  • Alligator
  • Beer bottle
  • Beer can
  • Buffalo chicken wing
  • Bulldog
  • Broomstick
  • Buffalo Bison
  • Corn
  • Dolphin
  • Donkey

Yes, it’s OK if you had to read some of those twice! Mechanical bull attachments have gone way past where they used to be. And we’re just scratching the surface. For example, there’s one that is especially popular with bachelorette parties.

Advantages of Bull Ride Machines

For entertainment companies and inflatable theme parks, the bull ride machine has a lot of advantages. They include these key factors.

Fully customizable

As noted above, the attachments available today make the bull rental customizable to whatever you want to offer your customers. And you can select one built for little kids or a deluxe mechanical bull that offers a high-end choice for big Western-themed parties.

Promotions and Marketing

Anytime you add a new ride, it gives you the chance to push out promotional or marketing campaigns. That’s especially true if you have the first mechanical bull in your area or one that is far better than what the competition offers.

Good For Business

That’s the bottom line. With a quality bull ride machine that is customized for your needs, you have established a new revenue stream that will continue well into the future. It’s not as if bull riding gets old – it’s been around for decades for a reason!

These are some of the options and opportunities if you want to buy a mechanical bull rental. If you are ready to take the next step up in pleasing your customers, the bull ride machine can be exactly what you need.