Most of us have been on a treadmill, and you maybe have experienced the “burn” when the treadmill is a max speed and max incline. Now imagine running up a giant 15′ long treadmill at a 27 degree incline. Welcome to Adrenalator™!

This new action game from Galaxy Multi Rides will get your heart racing and the adrenaline coursing through your body, because this giant treadmill action game is a brand new experience like nothing you have seen or tried before.

Adrenalator™ is available as a dual or single belt system, and it is trailer mounted, so it can go anywhere for party and event rentals or it can be installed in a static permanent location, such as a family entertainment center, attraction center, trampoline park or Inflate-A-Park.

It is a very safe ride! Adrenalator™ has a specially designed sprung, impact absorbing subfloor below the belts to protect the participants if they fall. Two ride operators are equipped with a hand held control device which as an Emergency-Stop button: one operator is positioned at the bottom next to the entry ramp and the other at the top on the exit platform. Either of the operators are able to instantly stop the ride should the need arise. The two inflatable exit slides ensure that the participants safely exit the game.

The trailer mounted Adrenalator™ can be enjoyed by anyone over 42″ (107cm) tall, this means all the family can participate. Kids versus parents, who will be first to the top?

We can produce the this giant treadmill action game in your custom colors, we can even custom print the conveyor belts.

Technical Specifications

Single Lane Adrenalator™ Max width 58″ | Max length of trailer: 27′ 6″ | Max height of trailer: 7′ 8″ Dual Lane Adrenalator™ Max width 8′ 6″ | Max length of trailer: 27′ 6″ | Max height of trailer: 7′ 8
30′ x 20′ x max height of the slides 16′ (The footprint may increase if crowd control fencing is used)
5400 lbs. (Dual lane) | 3500lbs. (Single lane)
Two 42″ x 15′ Adrenalator™ belts (Dual lane) |One 42″ x 15′ Adrenalator™ belt (Single lane)


Revenue Projection & Return on Investment

How much can YOU make?

Typical Rental Price: Charge $3000 per 8 hour period with 2 operators.

One 8 Hour Rental @ $3,000
One Rental Per Week
26 Weeks Per Year = $78,000

Return on Your Investment

We realize you can’t operate at 100% capacity. However operating at just 25% capacity would earn you up to:

One 8 Hour Rental @ $3,000
One Rental Per Week
13 Weeks Per Year = $39,000

Why Choose Galaxy Multi Rides?

Galaxy Difference

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