Many new entrepreneurs opt for the cheapest mechanical bull they can get their hands on when making their initial purchase. Such decisions or approaches are never wise. It is very common for someone to buy the cheapest mechanical bull without considering the credibility of the bucking machine manufacturer, or without accounting for the adverse effects of deciding to save money while risking far too many important elements of the business.

This mistake is almost always made by newcomers to the business.  Those that have been around for awhile understand very well the downside for looking for cheap amusement rental equipment.

Here are just some of the many reasons why the cheapest mechanical bull is never the best option and it is also not a cost effective choice.

Serious Safety Concerns & Risks

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The cheapest mechanical bull would pose serious safety concerns and risks. You cannot choose any random bucking machine manufacturer without being assured of the quality of the end product. Many of the cheapest alternatives are made in China and other countries where there are no regulatory authorities and even if there are some guidelines, the regulations are not very stringent. Besides, the enforcement of such statutes is very poor which makes the products very poor in quality.

The cheapest mechanical bull may cause mild to severe injury to people and to the property for no fault of yours or of the person riding the bull.

Durability That You Cannot Trust

When you make an investment, you want it to last for years so you can make the most profit from your investment. With the cheapest mechanical bull, you cannot bank on durability. How is it then the most cost effective choice? If you have to invest again in a few weeks or months then you have to consider how sound your decision was in the first place.

Roadblock In Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are very wise about the benefits of buying a mechanical bull from a bull manufacturer with proven safety standards.  In fact, the first thing you should do when making a purchase is to contact your insurance company BEFORE making your decision.  Many insurance companies will only insure bucking machines from specific manufacturers.

Ever Increasing Repair Costs

Mechanical Bull | Buy Mechanical BullsEven if you get lucky and your inexpensive bull runs for awhile without repairs, it will neverless need them eventually.  Where will you get your bull repaired?  Are the parts stocked locally?  Even if your bull comes with a warranty, if that warranty is based overseas it will do you absolutely no good.  Most companies will expect you to ship your bull back to the manufacturer for repair.  At your cost!   So not only will you lose bookings, but you also will have a tremendous investment in freight costs.

 Brand Value In Jeopardy

Trust in a brand is not developed in one day but it can all fade into oblivion in one moment. The day your guests and patrons realize that you have a cheap mechanical bull that is unsafe for them, your brand value will be in jeopardy and you may not be able to win their trust again anytime soon. This would be a huge financial blow for any entrepreneur.  Not to mention the negative publicity from having either operating or safety problems at an event.

These are just a few of the things you need to think about when looking for an amusement sales company that manufacturers mechanical bulls.  Galaxy Multi Rides is the #1 mechanical bull manufacturer in the world and they feature all of the newest safety mechanisms needed to get your bull insured easily.  Make sure to visit their website before making your purchase:

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