Do you have a mechanical bull now?  Or are you thinking of purchasing one?  Quite often we get asked how a mechanical bull can be profitable.  In truth, the only way it won’t make you money is if you store it and never use it.

Having said that, here are a few ways to generate income with your mechanical rodeo bull that you might not have thought of yet.


This is a huge one and so many people don’t even consider it.  How many competitors do you have in the party rental industry.  How many event planners are in your area?  Contact all of them and offer to subcontract your bull to them at an agreed upon price.  Let them do your marketing and secure leads for you.  You still get the job and even though it’s a little less than you would normally get, the volume of rentals could more than make up the difference.

Make sure if you subcontract for other companies that you still follow your regular rules.  Use a contract and make sure all details are correct.  It’s very important if you are representing another company that you offer to wear their shirt or do whatever you need to do to represent their company.  The last thing you want to do is to try and drum up business on your own.  You will be representing them, and that is all you should do.

When you are marketing yourself and your equipment, make sure all of these potential clients understand what makes YOU special.  Focus not just on price, but on reliability, safety & insurance.  You want the client to know that you are a professional that will help them build their business.  Because of this, most clients will ask to be additional assured on your insurance.  Work these details out before you do a subcontract.

Stop looking at competitors as competition and start viewing them as a source of income!

Nightclub and Bar Promotions

Contact local bars and nightclubs and suggest they use a mechanical bull as part of a promotion or contest.  There are a lot of country western bars that area looking for a way to beef up business on slow nights.  A mechanical bull riding contest could get you continuous business for weeks.

High School and College Events

After proms and grad night parties are great places for a mechanical bull.  And college events are even better.  The nice thing about these events is that they will tend to ask you back year after year.  Just make sure you call them at the beginning of the season and remind them what you have to offer.  These bookings are easy and most of these places already have their budget set up.

Church Events

You’d be amazed at how many churches will rent mechanical bulls for youth activities.  And you might be amazed at how much they are willing to pay.   This is another group that you will use again and again.

One thing you need to be aware of with schools and churches; Be very careful about how much you discount!  Once you’ve given them a price they will fight you every year if you try to raise it.  So quote a price you will be willing to take for a long time.

Galaxy Multirides has spent years showing happy clients how to make money with a mechanical bull.  For more info make sure to visit their website or Facebook Page.

There are plenty of other ways to make your bull profitable.   Please feel free to share your suggestions below.