FIAAPA 2014or most of us in the entertainment industry, IAAPA is the start of the new year. It’s that time when you sit down and look at the type and amount of business you did in the past year, and make plans for the direction you want your business to grow in the future.

Before you ever leave for the show you need to know which direction your business should grow. If you have done backyard parties in the past, it might be time to buy interactive inflatables so that you can look for larger events.

If you are already doing larger events with inflatables, adding some interactive games and rides can take you a whole new direction. And if you are seasonal, interactive rides like the mechanical bull can boost your business for the entire year.

There are many companies who do events during the spring, summer & fall in the Midwest, but travel south during the winter months with their rides. It’s much easier to travel with one good ride than it is to haul inflatables and then have to find help for each event.

Also look at items requested for the past year that you didn’t have available. Would it bring in more business if you added to your current type of units?

Did your competitors get events you wanted because they had a different type of equipment?

The most important thing is that each new item you purchase for the upcoming year should bring in additional business. Don’t make the mistake of buying another inflatable slide only to find out that people will rent the new one while the old ones just sit there.

Make your list of items you want to research at the show. Spend some time before the show looking at the companies that are exhibiting and see what they have to offer.

The first day of the show, try to walk as much of the show as possible to see what is available. If you see something you like, make sure to write down the booth # and any info you’ll need to remember. You’ll be surprised at how often visitors to this show see something they love and then can’t find it again for a couple of days.

If you see something you absolutely have to have, then talk to the exhibitor right away. Many people wait until the last day to buy in hopes of getting a great deal. Many times the best deal is waiting for you on the first day of the show. Especially if you have a truck and can take a show item home with you.

And don’t forget to socialize! IAAPA is as much about building connections as it is about buying equipment. You would be surprised at what you can learn at one of the evening events, or even while standing around the bar at the Bahama Breeze. Take advantage of the years and years of experience that are at the show. It really doesn’t matter how much experience you think you have. Everyone can learn something from someone else.

So do your homework and then enjoy the IAAPA experience. And, of course don’t forget to visit Galaxy Multi Rides at Booth numbers 4869 & 8340 and see our fantastic new games and rides for the upcoming year!