Custom Amusement Ride for Advertising PromotionWhat are you going to do for your next advertising promotion? Maybe rent a billboard. Maybe put your add on bus stop benches or even the side of the bus itself. You could do radio or TV spots but few people pay attention to these. so just what can you do to get your message out there where it’s seen and remembered? If you’re a huge company like a beer or liquor distributor or a movie promoter, you’ll want something that really interacts with the public…something that people will be talking about for a long time.

A custom amusement ride is a great way to use your advertising promotion to best advantage. You will advertise your business in a unique way that people will remember. You will provide people with a lot of fun and at the same time recoup your advertising expenses, or a large part of them.

What is a custom amusement ride? Have you ever seen a mechanical bull? Imagine you sell a particular kind of beer. Now imagine instead of a bull the ride has a beer can with your product name on it. People pay to ride the beer can, have a good time, and your beer gets advertised in a unique and memorable way.

Galaxy has been in business for twenty years building custom rides for advertising promotion. They have built rides for some of the biggest companies in the world including Taco Bell, Drench Juice Drink, and Tecate Beer.

For Taco Bell they built a bucking hot sauce packet and a two rider inflatable volcano ride for promoting their new volcano Tacos. For Drench Juice Drink they built a bucking rodeo pheasant to promote their juice drink. For Tecate Mexican Beer they built a bucking beer can with Tecate signs on the front of the inflatable as well as on the beer can.

One of their most recent custom rides was a mechanical shark to celebrate the opening of “Shark Night 3D”. This was such a huge hit at the recent Comic-con show that it made the news everywhere!

There is no end to the possibilities with a custom amusement ride. They can be placed at fairs, in stores, mall parking lots, almost anywhere people gather. They draw attention and keep your advertising promotion going all day long. who knows, you might even turn a profit. How often does that happen with an advertising promotion? If you said never you are probably right.

Galaxy can custom build almost any ride to your order. Bring them your ideas and their professional staff will hone the idea and get to work creating the ride to your satisfaction. They have a number of rides such as a mechanical bull and a surf machine always available for rent or purchase. These can be used for advertising promotion or just as a way to entertain your customers while making some extra cash.

A custom amusement ride is a great way to promote your business or service. Advertising promotions can be tricky and expensive, but with a Galaxy custom built amusement ride you can’t go wrong. Just bring them your idea and they will take it from there. They will provide you with a safe, fun ride that effectively advertises your business.

For advertising promotion Galaxy is the way to go. A custom amusement ride is a great way to get your name out there and remembered. And remembered is the most important thing. For more information visit Galaxy Multirides