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Content Marketing for the Event Industry


There are a variety of different methods to market your event business in 2016. One thing you don’t want to overlook though is the power of content marketing. In the past, so much of our marketing has revolved around key words. And it’s true that keywords are important. But, if you’re only marketing with keywords in mind, you run the risk of Google deciding that perhaps you have too many keywords, or the wrong website has used your article. Traffic for 2016 should not rely just on Google. You might not think that content marketing is relevant to the event industry, [...]

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Bar Promotion Ideas That Will Rock Your Business


As a bar owner it is not only your duty to ensure that all of your customers are able to enjoy your beverages and food, but that they also have an immense amount of fun while inside of your venue.  But as a business owner, we all know that the bottom line is profit.  The real secret to profit is to find out what your customers want and then make it available to them.  With the ability to use inflatable interactive games that are perfect for advertising promotions and nightclub and bar promotions, you will give your customers something to remember [...]

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Promoting Your Mechanical Bull the Right Way in 2014


Online promotion is one of the most important features to owning and operating a business these days.  Regardless of whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or if you travel to your client, it is imperative to reap the benefits of online marketing.  For companies who are looking for tips in terms of promoting their mechanical bull business, considering entertainment company advertising for their bull riding business is of the utmost importance.  Below are some things to consider when you’re looking to reach your target audience through online marketing. E-mail Campaigns In comparison to traditional snail mail, e-mail will never become a [...]

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Using Instagram to Market Your Mechanical Bull Riding Business


Part 3 Here we are, all ready to start with lesson three on marketing your mechanical bull business using Instagram.  I hope you found lesson two informative and are starting the see the power of using this type of social media for your business. In this lesson we are going to talk more about how Instagram actually works and how to utilize some of it’s more powerful features to build your business. If you remember, Instagram currently has over 100 million users that share millions of images each day.  When something is this popular, people take notice and as time goes [...]

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Marketing Your Mechanical Bull Business with Instagram Part 2


This is the second in our series of post on marketing your mechanical bull or party rental business with Instagram.  Hopefully you’ve had some time to look over what we talked about in the first post and you have a better understanding of what Instagram can do for your business. In this post we are going to share a little more about how to make the power of Instagram work for your business. When you consider the millions and millions of users that Instagram offers, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are daily using this method of social media [...]

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Bar Promotion Ideas Designed by the Amusement Specialists – Galaxy


If you operate a bar, then you understand the struggles that occur from time to time. Just like any business, you have great seasons and terrible seasons. And it's during the hard times that Bar Promotion Ideas can be a huge benefit to a struggling business. The hard part though is to find a bar promotion idea or activity that 1) is not only affordable, but 2) is easy to manage. Something most companies don't realize is that if you are going to invest money into some kind of stimulus for your bar, the smart thing to do is to invest [...]

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How to Buy a Mechanical Bull


Are you in the market for a mechanical bull? Mechanical bulls can be great fun to have at bar promotions, events and even just for establishing your venue as the kind of place people can drink and have fun. Read on to learn more about mechanical bull sales and what to look for. Two Types of Mechanical Bulls Buy A Mechanical Bull Basically, there are two types of mechanical bulls for sale. The first is a hydraulic variety, which moves using a hydraulic system and also comes with lots of finicky parts that all have to fit together just [...]

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Nightclub And Bar Promotion Ideas From Galaxy Multi Rides


Entertainment and recreation hotspots are consistently reinventing their strategies to entice patrons and to draw new guests. The foods, the drinks and the ambience are certainly the most important facets of any nightclub or bar but consumers have become more demanding in recent times and they are always looking for more ways to have fun. The only solution to that happens to be nightclub and bar promotion ideas.  With the right nightclub and bar promotion ideas, any bar or nightclub can become the talk of the town. The place would not only draw additional footfall but would also help to retain [...]

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