Businesses across the country have reopened. However, customers remain wary of the possible transmission of the coronavirus. That has put business leaders in a position where they must provide assurance to their clients that they are safe.

For those who run a family fun center or soft play center, the main issue is to keep your indoor playground clean. That’s not a simple hurdle, especially for large family entertainment centers. Parents will want to feel safe with their kids at a soft play park. Keeping things virus-free is a priority.

While safety and cleanliness have always been an important issue, it now includes making sure that every attraction is sanitized after use. For family centers, it’s smart to invest in special equipment to get the job done. With this in mind, Galaxy Multi Rides offers a new piece of equipment that can help.

What is Softplay?

The Galaxy Cold Fogger

The Galaxy Sanitizing Cold Fogger is designed specifically to keep your indoor playground clean and your customers safe. The cold fogger is safe to use on all surfaces. It can sanitize attractions quickly and efficiently.

The unit comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to carry it easily. The attached hose can disperse a sanitizing spray from 10 to 26 feet. The unit also has a dial that allows you to adjust the size of particles emitted by the cold fogger from 10 to 150 microns.

The cold fogger tank holds 1.32 gallons, or five liters. With an empty tank, the cold fogger weighs about five pounds. The Galaxy Cold Fogger works with any type of disinfectant solution. Customers report using Hepastat 256 or Odorban. You can buy either one at your hardware store.

For entertainment center owners, the Galaxy Cold fogger gives them a portable, safe and effective way to keep an indoor playground clean without. That’s increasingly important as your business reopens to customers.

How to Bring Customers to Your Business

Patrons Can Feel Safe And Secure

While the government in many places has allowed businesses to reopen, the virus remains a risk. However, more information is coming to light almost every day on ways to stay safe. Using disinfectant is one of them.

Family fun centers and indoor playgrounds in most areas become part of the community. It’s important for owners to go the extra mile in providing a safe place for parents to bring their kids.

In addition to the routine cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment, soft play centers can also take the step of having staff wear masks and gloves and may provide that as an option for patrons. Other options include providing hand sanitizer at multiple spots around the indoor playground, asking patrons to maintain a safe distance from others and asking people not to enter the indoor playground if they are sick.

All these measures are only temporarily, but they go a long way to keeping a family fun center safe. When running an indoor playground, that’s a necessity.

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