Sweeper Solutions for Trampoline Parks & FEC’s

In 2013 we invented the Toxic Meltdown®  multi player sweeper game, since then we have sold hundreds all over the world. Our free standing unit is in many trampoline parks as a stand alone attraction. As the Meltdown® gained popularity in trampoline parks, our customers asked if we could build the into the raised deck so it was level with the main trampoline to create an In Deck Sweeper game.
Galaxy Multi Rides are pleased to announce we now have three “In-Deck” versions of the Sweeper to choose from. All models of which are available in 4, 6, and 8 player configurations.
All three versions provide a far greater level of safety than a trampoline surface with dividing steel frames and a superior entertainment value.
In addition our new patented sealed air sweeper attachment has no steel or foam inside, it is 100% inflatable making it the safest and most reliable sweeper arm in the industry.

In Deck AirPad Sweeper

In Deck AirPad Sweeper - Galaxy Multi Rides
Guests stand on a foam padded steel frame plinth which are elevated 9″ above the Zero Shock® safety air cushion.
As the sealed air inflatable sweeper arm rotates the players must jump over it to avoid falling into the airbag. The Zero Shock® safety air cushion offers the safest fall protection in the industry. Once the guest falls they must exit the Sweeper as to not become a safety issue.
The last player that remains standing is the winner, just like the TV game show.
Each version can be built into any depth raised deck, they are all open sides offering a clear view from anywhere in the park. (Enclosed versions via netting are available if required)

In Deck Foam Cube Sweeper

In Deck Foam Cube Sweeper - Galaxy Multi Rides
This is played in exactly the same way as the AirPad system. Instead of using the airbag as fall protection, the pit is filled with foam cubes. This version is for those clients whose guests who like foam pits.
The last person standing is the clear winner, just as they do on the popular TV program.

In Deck Inflatable Sweeper

In Deck Inflatable Sweeper - Galaxy Multi Rides
This is version is our more cost effective sweeper system.
The deep bed inflatable base is flush with the main deck (any depth) and there are crosses to mark the exact spot where the players stand and jump.
The game is played exactly the same way as our free standing inflatable version. If the player falls over they just get back up and continue until the operator stops the game.
Each version of the Sweeper game comes with our proven Galaxy Multi Rides motion system and control console. Our speciality is interactive motion systems which we have manufactured, sold, tried and tested over the past 30 years.
Sadly like most successful companies we get ripped off and copied, I know some of you may have been unfortunate in purchasing one of these copy products.
All our products are manufactured to ASTM standards in our factory here in Port Charlotte, Florida.
The advantage to manufacturing in the USA is that we carry spare parts in stock and have in house technicians for after sales support if required.
Sweeper prices start from as low as $16,999 for the 4 player deep bed inflatable system.
Please contact us with any questions you may have.