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In Deck Wipeout Sweeper solutions for Trampoline Parks


  Wipeout Sweeper Solutions for Trampoline Parks & FEC's In 2013 we invented the Toxic Meltdown® (Wipeout) multi player sweeper game, since then we have sold hundreds all over the world. Our free standing (Wipeout) unit is in many trampoline parks as a stand alone attraction. As the Meltdown® (Wipeout) gained popularity in trampoline parks, our customers asked if we could build the Wipeout into the raised deck so it was level with the main trampoline to create an In Deck Sweeper game. Galaxy Multi Rides are pleased to announce we now have three "In-Deck" versions of the Wipeout to choose from. All [...]

In Deck Wipeout Sweeper solutions for Trampoline Parks2020-01-13T22:17:35+00:00

Electronic Shooting Games are a Sure Hit in 2016


Shooting games have always been popular. Whether we talk about the old school shooting galleries at fairs and carnivals or the modern first person shooter games on popular video game consoles, we have always loved the challenge of a shooting match. Electronic shooting games are not exactly new. They have been around for a while now but electronic shooting gallery is not something that you can find just anywhere. Given the popularity of electronic shooting games and the opportunities in most regions, starting an electronic shooting gallery business can be a wonderful venture in 2016. Let us discuss a few reasons [...]

Electronic Shooting Games are a Sure Hit in 20162016-01-18T20:15:17+00:00

Wipe Out, Redneck Games, Kapow! What Will Galaxy Think of Next?


You may already know Galaxy Multi Rides as a fantastic manufacturer of mechanical bulls and action games. But have you checked out their webpage lately? If not, you could be missing out! Recently, Galaxy unveiled a few new products. Here, we wanted to take the time to tell you about all their newest games. These games, like WipeOut style games, Kapow! and Redneck Games are attractions that you can purchase for use at your party rental business. Check Out Their New Games! Here is a quick rundown of Galaxy’s newest innovations: WipeOut Style Games: Everyone loves WipeOut! So why not bring [...]

Wipe Out, Redneck Games, Kapow! What Will Galaxy Think of Next?2015-05-11T23:04:02+00:00

Shooting Galleries are GREAT Additions to an Interactive Games Business


What's the newest, most exciting addition you can get for your Interactive Games business?  How about an interactive shooting gallery?   Galaxy Multi Rides offering of a mobile trailer that includes 30 interactive target animations and this gets you a HUGE amount of portable fun for your clients. Of course, no animated shooting gallery is complete without light, sound, air and even motion actions that are sure to surprise all players.  All of Galaxy's electronic shooting galleries and trailers are fully customized to each individual clients needs.  Since all of the parts are manufactured in Galaxy's facility in Port Charlotte, FL, [...]

Shooting Galleries are GREAT Additions to an Interactive Games Business2015-03-05T02:23:38+00:00

Interactive Games for Sale – The New Triple Surf Machine from Galaxy


Whether you own a party rental company or are looking for new interactive amusement games to install on the property of your business, finding surf machines for sale can be quite advantageous.  With the ability to use a robo surfer for amusement and to receive an intense physical workout, the benefits are relatively endless.  With more companies such as TradeWinds Island Resorts ordering their own customized surf machine, they are undoubtedly becoming an extremely popular commodity throughout the amusement game industry.  Below are some of the benefits associated with finding surf machines for sale. Attracting Customers to a Business One of [...]

Interactive Games for Sale – The New Triple Surf Machine from Galaxy2014-07-15T19:34:27+00:00

Interactive Games for Sale from Galaxy – The Amazing Toxic Rampage Game


Want something a bit different to serve as a fun and exciting promotion for your business? If so, you may be interested in one of the most popular interactive games for sale by The Amazing Toxic Rampage Game. Here, we will talk about why we love this interactive game. We will also talk about when and why you may want to use these types of games. Lastly, we will tell you more about, one of the largest amusement ride manufacturer companies. If you have been debating buying an interactive game for use as a promotion for your business, an [...]

Interactive Games for Sale from Galaxy – The Amazing Toxic Rampage Game2014-06-10T08:24:48+00:00

The Wipeout Style Modular & Portable Game, Toxic Rampage


Have you already heard about the last sensation in the rental companies industry? Toxic Rampage is here to revolutionize your next event, and to help you make a lot of money! Toxic Rampage is the world's first portable modular obstacle course with the perfect blend of challenging inflatable and mechanical elements. Now you can bring the dream of being a contestant on Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior to your customers! Everybody will be drawn to it knowing exactly what to do and wanting to repeat over and over again. The game is everything you need it to be: unique, attractive, and [...]

The Wipeout Style Modular & Portable Game, Toxic Rampage2014-04-14T18:13:45+00:00

Hot New Party Trend: Action Games


Tired of the "same old, same old"? Don't be! Once again, the best, safest, most reliable manufacturer of multi rides systems, Galaxy Multi Rides, is here to offer you a new way to make you money: Action Games! The hot new party trend are action adventure games to rent. Make it yours as easily as contacting us to get your new Action Game. Ever wondered how to have a fun party? Bring a new different kind of entertainment to your hometown: create a fun birthday party, challenge customers at your next festival, make a course event with Galaxy's Action Games. For [...]

Hot New Party Trend: Action Games2014-02-18T19:10:45+00:00

Check Out The Newest Interactive Games From Galaxy


Galaxy Multi Rides is the market leader of unique, exciting interactive games. From inflatable modules to motion base games, interactive games to modules with mechanical elements, Galaxy Multi Rides specializes in all kinds of mobile game units. Unlike other players in the market, Galaxy Multi Rides is a pioneer of interactive action amusement games. The company doesn’t waste time imitating designs and concepts that are already out there. Instead, they innovate and put forth some of the most enticing interactive motion base games and inflatable games that we have seen in recent times. With originality, unprecedented fun and fascinating concepts at [...]

Check Out The Newest Interactive Games From Galaxy2014-01-29T14:08:07+00:00

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