Indoor parks continue to grow in popularity because of the many advantages they offer both business owners and patrons. Indoor parks offer kids and teens their own world of adventure where they can play games and interact socially. For business owners, they offer the chance to provide unique, popular attractions to a wide range of customers.

One of the most popular types of indoor parks is inflatable parks. Galaxy Multi Rides, which specializes in creating these parks in locations around the world, works with each business client to customize attractions in a way that fits the available space and meets the expectations of the business owner.

Inflatable theme parks are proven profit boosters for entertainment venue owners. Many open new parks that are dedicated to providing a variety of entertainment options. Other business owners choose to add-on specific indoor park attractions to their pre-existing park (such as upgrading a trampoline park with thrill rides or creating a parkour playground within an existing indoor park).

Why Indoor Parks Make Sense for Entertainment Businesses

Indoor parks are nothing new. But they have evolved in recent years. Where once a park might focus on one area in particular –  a trampoline park, for example – indoor parks now are known for the wide variety of attractions they offer.

For example, an inflatable park might include slides, bounce areas, zip lines, obstacle courses, games played in an inflatable area, and even mechanical thrill rides such as the Adrenelator and other interaction action games. The point is, that owners can create a customized park that offers what they know will appeal to their local client base, a group they know better than anyone else.

Indoor parks also offer the advantage of immunity from unpredictable weather. The controlled environment also makes for safer play, especially for younger kids in inflatable parks. Businesses also can typically operate longer hours compared to outdoor parks, allowing for evening or late-night activities.

Indoor parks also generate revenue through various means, including admission fees, concessions, merchandise sales, event hosting, and more.

Indoor Park Unique Attractions

Venue owners have a vast array of attractions to choose from when looking at what to put into an indoor park. Some examples from the Galaxy Multi Rides selection of attractions include the following.

Inflatable parks. These parks consist of an array of inflatable structures, all in one area. They can include obstacle courses, climbing walls, bounce areas, giant slides, and game areas such as basketball or dodgeball courts.

Inflatable party rooms. This involves creating a space within your indoor park for specific attractions, such as bounce houses or an area with a specific design or theme that is used for parties.

Obstacle courses. Unique obstacle courses such as the Galaxy Ninja Courses give customers a chance to test themselves or race against others in a challenging, exciting course.

Inflatables. There are many different types of inflatable attractions available, ranging from inflatable tents to surf inflatables.

There are also special add-on attractions, including air courts, parkour courts, climbing walls, laser mazes, and more.

Indoor park unique attractions give business owners a proven way to attract new customers and maintain a loyal customer base. With the wide variety of customizable options available, it’s more convenient than ever for entertainment venues to expand what they offer.