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Dubai’s First Inflatable Action Park


Dubai's First Inflatable Action Park Air Maniax  When Mr. Riyaz Suterwalla contacted Galaxy Inflataparks he told us he wanted to open the first Inflatable Theme Park not only in Dubai but in the whole Middle East region. He originally was going to create a Trampoline Park as he already had trampoline parks in the UK. His feasibility study revealed there were already three trampoline parks in Dubai, therefore he must create something new and innovative His brief was to create an interactive action park that offered an exciting, different and varied experience for their customers as [...]

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The World’s Largest Inflatable Theme Park


The World’s Largest Inflatable Theme Park. We are Vertigo. Belfast, Northern Ireland The world's largest inflatable theme park, from Trampoline Park to Inflatapark in just twelve days. We are Vertigo trampoline park has been Northern Ireland’s largest, most popular and successful Trampoline Park for the last three years. Gareth Murphy, Managing Director of the Vertigo Adventure Limited had the foresight to see it was time for a new direction and renovate the trampoline park. With the high increase in trampoline park insurance, a saturated market and the long hot 2018 summer, Mr. Murphy clearly understood the need for change. [...]

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