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Are Inflatable Parks the new hot attraction for 2020?


 The Year of the Inflatable Park? Galaxy Multi Rides had an incredible 2019 with 13 inflataparks installed across the globe. Inflatable Parks of all sizes and shapes are starting to appear across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. The year started off with a bang with the installation of the largest inflatable park in the world for We Are Vertigo in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After 6 years as one of the largest trampoline parks in Europe, owner Gareth Murphy knew he needed to adapt and innovate to stay award of the competition. 20,000 square feet  (1858 square meters) [...]

Are Inflatable Parks the new hot attraction for 2020?2020-02-07T16:36:49+00:00

Scene 75, the Largest FEC in the USA opens with an InflataPark


Scene 75 opens the doors to the largest family entertainment center in the USA. Scene 75 is nearly ready to open the doors on the largest indoor entertainment center in the USA at a staggering 220,000 square feet! The mall at Tuttle Landing in Columbus, Ohio has been transformed (but they’ve kept the beautiful marble floors) into a one stop shop of fun and laughs. Scene 75 InfaltaPark opening in Columbus Ohio Columbus, Ohio is Scene 75’s fifth location with the entertainment group establishing successful locations in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Pittsburgh. We’re excited to continue our long term [...]

Scene 75, the Largest FEC in the USA opens with an InflataPark2019-09-19T11:10:07+00:00

Texas gets its first Indoor Inflatable Action Park


Say Hello to Amped InflataPark!!! The first inflatable park in Texas. Located in Corpus Christi this 4,400 square foot inflatable action park proves that good things come in small packages! 7 Attractions in eye popping bold orange and blue fill this small footprint to create this immersive inflatable environment of fun. What is there to do in Amped InflataPark? Walking into the InflataPark you’re greeted with our signature inflatable birthday throne, a staple of every inflatable park we’ve manufactured. These are great photo opportunity locations for your guests to post on social media. Turning to your left there is the extra [...]

Texas gets its first Indoor Inflatable Action Park2020-08-06T20:24:13+00:00

The Largest Indoor Inflatable Adventure Park in the USA


Jumpin Fun InflataPark opens in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. In Europe the indoor family entertainment industry has continued to pivot away from Trampoline Parks and towards Inflatable Theme Parks or InflataParks, and now the USA is following in their footsteps. Brett Morrow, owner of Jumpin Fun Inflata Park, explains his mentality of “innovate or die”. Jumpin Fun Sports was an independent Trampoline Park located on the gulf coast of Florida in Lakewood Ranch that had been open for 8 years. Even before SkyZone opened up on his doorstep in Sarasota, he knew that he had to stay ahead of the curve. This [...]

The Largest Indoor Inflatable Adventure Park in the USA2021-11-11T22:16:57+00:00


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