Trampoline parks remain a popular choice for families, but park owners know that they need to continue to evolve with the times in order to keep attracting return customers and new families. That’s because while the entertainment and exercise offered by trampoline parks remains an attractive option, customers also have become aware of the multitude of soft play options that they now can enjoy.

Adding some of the best soft play options to an existing trampoline park is one of the smartest moves a park owner can make. They offer a chance to expand what the business can offer their patrons. Soft play attractions add a new dimension to trampoline parks, making them more like an inflatable park that provides multiple ways for customers to enjoy safe and thrilling park attractions.

For those who want to modernize and renovate what they offer customers, adding soft play to your trampoline park equipment is key to making a successful change. To stand still is to fall behind in the entertainment business. Keeping things fresh is the focus for trampoline park owners now. Smart owners know they must expand what they offer to keep customers coming back, giving kids and teens more reasons to come back for repeat visits.

What Do People Mean By ‘Soft Play’?

Soft play is a catch-all term that has become popular in recent years, mostly because of the increased use of inflatable parks in cities around the world. These parks offer a large variety of soft play options, all under one roof.

Examples of soft play include foam pits, obstacle courses, ball pits, inflatable climbing walls and ninja courses. Trampoline parks can also customize the inflatable attractions they offer, even bounce houses and slides.

Adding soft play to existing trampoline parks can increase revenue by offering attractions that will keep customers at the park for longer periods of time. It also can increase repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals, the best kind of advertising for any business.

Soft play entertainment also offers:

  • A safe attraction. For those who may lack confidence in their trampoline skills, soft play attractions offer a safe play environment that requires less physical skills to enjoy. All of them also offer safety features and cushioned surfaces that reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Variety. Even if a customer isn’t interested in trampolines, soft play options provide them with plenty of excellent options for their play experience. It also allows the part to advertise and market the new attractions it offers.
  • Family-friendly entertainment. The main goal of every trampoline park is to become the go-to destination for families to visit repeatedly. Soft play offers families even more reasons to come to your park, as well as invite other families to come along.

Examples of Soft Play Attractions For Trampoline Parks

Businesses can inflate their profits by upgrading their trampoline park to include all the trends and modern twists available in inflatable attractions. In addition to providing the latest designs on trampolines, parks can also incorporate interactive features and new attractions that expand their trampoline park into something special.

The types of inflatables to add are limited only by the size of the trampoline park. Popular choices include:

  • Foam pits. This is one of the first and still most popular additions to a trampoline park, offering a pit of foam cubes for people to dive into.
  • Obstacle courses. Obstacle courses come in every size, making it easier to find one that fits the dimensions of your park.
  • Ball pits. Another soft play attraction that is already classic, it offers the smallest kids a place to play while the bigger kids are on the trampolines and other attractions.

But those options just scratch the surface. Modem trampoline park equipment includes a wide variety of innovative fun. They include soft balancing beams that bridge foam pits or entire sections turned into a large bounce house area. Many of the entertainment options you will find in an inflatable park can also be added to an existing trampoline park.

The Importance of Customization

When searching for soft play options to add to an existing trampoline park, it’s important to consider the companies that manufacture their own inflatables, allowing them to customize each order to meet the specifications of each individual client.

A “one size fits all” approach will not work because every trampoline park has different dimensions. Because inflatable attractions are incredibly versatile, they offer the ability to customize each attraction so that it fits the needs of each trampoline park. It also allows designers to configure some attractions in different ways to make for different play experiences.

Customization also allows a company to get the branding they want on every attraction. Each inflatable also can be designed to match specific themes, colors or graphics, adding personality and creativity to the trampoline park. They also provide a great long-term investment as they are easy to install and maintain, allowing them to last much longer than other types of attractions.

By evolving and expanding what they offer their customers, trampoline parks will remain a popular destination for families and teens. The combination of fun and exercise will continue to draw customers for years to come. By adding more soft play options to existing trampoline parks, business owners will keep themselves an attraction entertainment options, especially for families.