It is barely two months to go and Halloween is fast approaching. Are you looking for something new to offer this Halloween – something that most kids and adults alike will rave about? You do not just see it, just like all the gory and horrifying creatures on the day of the dead but you can actually, touch it and best of all, ride on it! The Rodeo Zombie Bull is an entirely new offering from the best manufacturers of the mechanical bull family. Here are some vital information about one of the most exciting rides to top off Halloween with a bang!

The Rodeo Mechanical Zombie Bull Ride for Sale

Halloween Attractions are big business, often taking a yearly income in under 8 weeks.
He may look gory and gruesome but Zombie Bull is here to make your Halloween season the best ever!

Its not just people that a rising from above the grave, its animals as well! Zombies are extrememly popular at the moment; at recent Halloween & Haunt Shows we have been asked whether we could make a zombie ride. Well here it is! Introducing the worlds first Mechanical Rodeo Zombie Bull!

If you are thinking of a Halloween venue around town where almost everyone can gather, having a main attraction like the Rodeo Mechanical Zombie Bull is just perfect since it only takes around 20 minutes to set up and voila, it’s up and about! Kids would love the fun ride that a Rodeo Zombie Bull gives while parents do not have to worry about having to let their children go through the whole experience because it is fully equipped with safety features that only The Rodeo Bull Company provides.

A complete Rodeo Zombie Bull system takes only 20 minutes (average speed) to completely set up. Visit our videos page to see a full set up, either by one person or two and comse complete with everything you require to start operating immediately.

Safety is key so the Zombie Bull is fitted with our unique Automatic Stop System (ASS) as standard. As soon as the rider falls, the ride stops instantly. The rotting head is made from our Sofolex material which eliminates any impact injuries.

Each one of the automatic bucking Zomie Bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider lasted. In addition the control console features a ten speed manual control joystick, two stop buttons and a switch that allows you to disable the spin element of the ride. This is very useful when using an additional attachment such as the surfboard / snowboard and don’t want to spin the rider.

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Why scout for other Halloween attractions when you can have the Rodeo Mechanical Zombie Bull to highlight Halloween? For over 2o years, The Rodeo Bull Company is home and provider of the best-selling Galaxy mechanical bull multiride – the safest mechanical rodeo bull in the world! With the newly innovated Rodeo Zombie Bull, you are assured of a fun and most of all, safe Halloween!