I think that anyone who follows Galaxy closely will understand that we firmly believe in using social media to interact with customers.  Someone told me the other day that he didn’t think social media will help with his mechanical bull business.

instagramWe really disagree with this comment, so much that we are going to show you some of the ways you can grow your mechanical rodeo bull business with the use of social media.  There is too much to add in one post, but we’ll keep posting until we’ve explained it all.

One of the first things we want to discuss is what Instagram actually is, and why you’ll want to use it as part of your total marketing plan.  Instagram is a fast growing and popular social network that allows for a fun way for it’s users to take photos and quickly share them online with friends, customers and prospective customers.

One thing that is different from other social networks is that Instagram requires a mobile application to actually use it so you are going to need an Ipod, smart phone, Ipad or tablet and your own Instagram account.  Once you have this, you can take photos, upload & edit them and then share your images on all types of social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Flickr.

Currently Instagram has over 100 million month users that are active and have over 40 million photos being uploaded to accounts daily.   Instagram is such a huge success that it has images that generate over 4800 likes and literally 1000’s of comments daily.

It’s not only social users though that use Instagram.   Smart business owners have found ways to tap this massive source of traffic and are using it as a way to brand and marketing their own mechanical bull or party rental business products and services.

Instagram has an extremely wide audience.  With it’s daily updates and new features like hash tags and geotagging, it’s easy for followers to find specific products and services in their area.

Since the introduction of Instagram in 2010 it’s pretty fair to say that this social media site is still in its infancy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down in terms of popularity and growth anytime soon.

Here are a few of the reasons why you’ll want to use instagram as part of your current marketing strategy.

This type of social media is a provider of instant gratification for users.  You can take your photo, upload it and edit it all at one time.  Users can easily like, comment and share photos that they find interesting.  This offers a viral power that is fantastic for business marketing.

Can you imagine uploading an event photo and having loads of people comment and share that photo with others?  It’s probably one of the fastest ways to reach prospective clients.

instagram 2Instagram also is very easy to set up.  Just download the application to your mobile device.  You don’t need to use a long profile, but make your profile interesting so that others will learn more about your business when they see it.  It’s that simple.

For your business marketing purposes you can use it to showcase mechanical bull service and other products.  Use this to increase the local awareness about your business and what you have to offer. You can personalize your business using Instagram in a way that is much easier than any other form of advertising.

Starbucks is a great example of how to use Instagram.  Red Bull is too.  Check out their accounts to see what they are doing to market their business with some simple photos.

One really great thing about Instagram is that it has integrated with Foursquare.  This allows users to tag the exact location where a photo is take.  This is fantastic for events and festivals.

Do you get the idea of how great Instagram can be for your business?  It’s so easy to get started.  Just download the app to your choice of mobile device and sign up.  You only have 150 characters for your bio so make it work for you.  And don’t forget to link back to your website.

Go ahead and download the app and sign up for your account.  Do a little exploring to learn more about this site.  Watch our blog for the next lesson and all the ways to increase your business with Instagram!