Marketing Your Party Rental BusinessAnyone who tries to keep their website ranking high in search engine results understands that what works this week won’t necessarily work next week. When you’re marketing your party rental business, if you don’t understand the changes you can do more harm to your business than good.

At one point, lots of articles pointing to the site worked, then press releases, then backlinks from anywhere and of course good content, over 400 words long with great information added to your website on a consistent basis.

Now social media is a huge part of good ranking results, but; what about content? Is it still important?

Content will always be important but it has to be the right kind of content and it needs to be added to the site in the correct format. There are a couple of tips you’ll want to always follow when adding content.

  • Make sure your content will be beneficial to your reader. One of the biggest tracks of how good a website is, is how long a visitor actually stays on the site. If you have poor content, then you’ll lose your visitors quickly, resulting in lower rankings
  • Make sure to add all the proper tags and titles so the search engines know what you are all about

Here are a couple of tips on how to use your keyword phrase:

  • Make sure your keyword phrase is used in your url, your title, in your h1 header, in the first paragraph, last paragraph and on a picture.
  • It doesn’t have to be the exact phrase. A variation on the basic phrase is always good because you don’t want to slam your page with the same phrase over and over.  That can actually get you penalized
  • Add an outbound link from your page to a wiki site that has info about your topic.

Here is an example; For instance if your keyword phrase is “marketing your party rental business”

  • Obviously the keyword phrase will need to be in your url; possibly something like
  • The phrase needs to be used in the title; Marketing Your Party Rental Business
  • And get at least a version of the keyword phrase in your first paragraph
  • Once you add an image , then make sure the title and alt tcxt both include your phrase in a closely matching format. “How to Market Your Party Rental Business” or “Marketing Your Party Rental Business”
  • In your closing paragraph you can do something along the line of, “For more info on marketing your party rental business, visit, Wiki Online Marketing Tips

If you follow these simple tips as you add content, you’ll be amazed at the results you can get. And absolutely don’t forget to add your new content to social media sites. Ask your followers to share with their friends.  No matter how many changes have been seen over the years, these methods have had good results during all the changes.

Good quality with the proper variation of search terms can truly build your party rental business fast!