Want to take your amusement business to the next level? If so, take a page out of the book of the most successful entertainment businesses: online marketing. Here at Galaxy Multi Rides (www.galaxymultirides.com), we have started our own video campaigns to advertise our amusements. Your party rental business can do the same. In this article, we will share with you a few things that we have learned. You can use these tips and tricks to make online video marketing for your amusement business even better.

Why Video?

You may think that the amusement business and video does not really seem to fit together. However, you would be wrong. Video is a fantastic medium for nearly any business and when you consider the fact that must of us are in the business of selling fun, then video is the BEST way to go. Video is much easier to transmit important and helpful information quickly and easily; Much easier, in fact, than in print alone. Or even diagrams. Your customers will love and appreciate that all they have to do to learn about your amusement business is watch a few videos. It will make their lives (and the lives of your customer support team) much easier. Answer all their questions before they can even answer them!

Drawing Traffic to Your Video

Advertising with online videos does take a bit of know-how. We here at Galaxy have learned that you must post your video on a variety of different sites to get the most plays. Post to YouTube, sure. But also try out other services like Vimeo. Also be sure to tag your videos with important and pertinent keywords. For example, you might use the tags amusement business, party rentals, party rental business, mechanical bull rental, interactive games and your location. Use a title that is descriptive and helpful. And always give your video a short description. Use keywords here, too, if possible. And always make sure to embed your website at the end of the video with a call to action.

Also, when you set up your channel on YouTube, Vimeo, etc, make sure to add a link to your website in your channel info. You don’t just want info on the video, you want your entire video channel to tell more about your business.

Places to Use Your Video

Where & when can you utilize your videos for your party rental business? Lots of places! Here are just a few places and types of situations where Galaxy uses their videos:

  • On product pages on the website;
  • On blogposts that mention a specific product;
  • In our emails to clients or potential clients;
  • When posting to our social media pages;
  • When offering a special on a particular ride or package;
  • During presentations to show others what attractions Galaxy offers;
  • To easily answer client questions;
  • To help clients choose the correct product for them.

For more information on the best way to video market, visit the Galaxy Multi Ride, YouTube channel: Galaxy Multi Rides Videos