Buying A Mechanical Bull

Buying A Mechanical Bull

Are you interested in buying a mechanical bull to liven up your venue? If so, then any mechanical bull sales budget you have considered had better leave money for insurance. Mechanical bull insurance is not very expensive overall, but can save you millions of dollars in the event of a lawsuit and may even save your business from being closed. Read on to learn more about mechanical bull insurance, why it’s important and how to get it.

What is Mechanical Bull Insurance?

Mechanical Bull Insurance is a specific type of insurance meant to cover injuries that happen on a mechanical bull. It can be a big help if someone gets hurt. Since many people who try out riding a mechanical bull (especially in bars) are often at least a little intoxicated, their judgment may be impaired and they may be more likely to incur an injury, for which they will most likely hold you liable. You absolutely don’t want this to happen because it could cost you millions in a lawsuit, as well as your liquor license if you have one.

While most mechanical bulls are not all that dangerous, injuries have been known to occur. If there is insufficient padding or if the bucking motion is too violent, which can happen frequently with the hydraulic bulls, then people can be thrown off, injured by hitting the frame or by being jerked too hard, resulting in bruising, whiplash, and even larger injuries like broken bones and other injuries.

Additionally, some models of bulls are better than others. Obviously the hydraulic bull is not ideal because of safety reasons and also because it comes with a clunky set of parts that don’t always fit together well and break down frequently. Also, a common complaint from users is when oil leaks out of the apparatus and covers the whole bar floor. Instead, you should look into getting one of the more reliable electric models.

The new multi ride mechanical bulls are extremely safe and this is where some mechanical bull owners get in trouble.  They convince themselves the cost of insurance is too high.  What they don’t look at is what the cost could be if they don’t have insurance.  Even the safest bull with a well-trained operator can have an injury.  Of course, any type of amusement device can cause an injury.  You probably see more injuries on bounce houses than on bulls, but the words “mechanical bull” just sound more dangerous than bounce houses when there’s an injury.

Another great reason for having good insurance is that it can get you into venue’s that otherwise wouldn’t allow your type of amusement.  And it’s a great selling point when you are doing promotions.  With good insurance your prospective clients will see that you care enough to operate your business the right way.  Generally a company that takes shortcuts to cut costs is a company that won’t care about training or safety either.

Where Can I Find Mechanical Bull Insurance?

Mechanical Bull Insurance

Mechanical Bull Insurance

You can start by looking for mechanical bull insurance online. A simple Google search will reveal a variety of providers. You should look based on your budget and regional location. Once you start to negotiate with an insurance agent, you should read your policy very carefully and see what it covers, negotiating if necessary. You don’t want to be caught without coverage after an incident occurs and you’ve already been paying for insurance for years! Instead, read your policy carefully to make sure all injuries are covered and you can enjoy the mechanical bull without worry.

Also, look for insurance before you buy!  We can’t stress this enough.  Not all bulls are covered by insurance companies, due to safety issues.  Most mechanical bull insurance companies only represent companies that meet their safety standards.

One company that is approved by virtually all mechanical bull insurers is the Galaxy Multi Ride Unit.  They actually helped design the safety features found on today’s mechanical bulls.  Check out their website to see all their great products.