The human brain processes images or visuals more comfortably and quickly than textual contents. Recollecting visuals or images is also easier than trying to remember exact texts. Hence, it is obvious that visual marketing is more effective than textual or other forms of marketing. Mechanical bull rentals or a mechanical bull riding business would do well in 2016 to focus more on visual content than ordinary text. When we talk about visual marketing, it is not confined to videos. While videos form a large part of any visual marketing campaign, there are many other elements. Also, how you go about using visual marketing, where you publish or broadcast your visual content and how you garner traffic would be the quintessential factors determining success or failure, efficacy or the lack of it.

Here are some tips on how you can use visual marketing in 2016.

  • Come up with some unique trademarks or logos. The company logo is certainly one component. You need to come up with other visual forms or manifestations of your business. When you are buying a mechanical bull, you obviously have some images in your mind and you imagine a certain aesthetic and function. Try to manifest these into images or graphic designs that would get associated with your business. You should then circulate these visuals, as designs, logos, trademarks or just outright images, on all platforms that you may be using already. From social networks to your official website, associations you may be tied up with to classifieds or business directories, use imagery or such visuals to garner attention.
  • Try to come up with an icon. Think of Tony the Tiger or Ronald McDonald or the iconic Uncle Sam. Come up with a mascot or some interesting way to present your business and what it does. You could come with some name for the mechanical bull and develop its character, present those characteristics and actually brand the bull online. Following is often a viral phenomenon. If you can manage to stir the curiosity of people and get them to like the way you present your business, they would get interested.
  • Videos are obviously an integral part of marketing mechanical bull rentals. Videos of people having fun, some quaint moments and the obvious adventure, everything must be highlighted through the videos. It is even better to weave a story and not just keep the content confined to the ride.

The goal of any website or online marketing is to drive traffic to your business. And the best way to do this is to keep old and new clients coming back to you site again and again. There are so many ways to do this but in 2016, VIDEO marketing can be use. Use it well. Ask clients for video testimonials. Video your events to post on your site. (Make sure to get approval for this). Do your own instructional videos on safety, events or any other type of info your client could want. Show them that YOU are the expert in your area. Give it a shot. Just try a few and watch your profits soar.

We’re happy to give you some video examples here, but don’t limit your imagination to what we do. Target clients in your own unique way.