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If your business is amusement rentals or party rentals and you are not marketing to the after prom groups than you are falling short in your marketing attempts. If you do not have a mechanical bull in your line up of equipment, it’s certainly time to get one, because a mechanical bull is a great way to get into doing post prom and project graduation events.

One word comes to mind when after prom and mechanical bulls come together and that is “profits”. Your party rental business is missing out on a huge sector if you are not marketing to these groups that host after prom events or project graduation events.

The trick is though, to have something unique that will get everyone’s attention.

Mechanical bulls are fun! No one denies that. They are also a safe way to get the adrenaline up. Kids love the feeling of climbing on the bull and showing off their riding skills. A little friendly competition goes a long way in high school.

After proms can get stale year after year and the kids know it.  The planners need something unique to get the kids excited to guarantee the best attendance.  After proms themselves were designed to keep students safe after the actual dance, but there has to be a reason that the kids want to attend.  Mechanical bulls are a good draw and almost guarantee everyone will choose the after prom party for their entertainment.

What will sell your amusement rentals business is your ability to offer unique options to prospective clients.  A mechanical bull is a very unique option. It is the one thing that will make you stand out from the other companies that are trying to do the same thing you are.

If you get a mechanical bull and start marketing to local area high schools you will line up your customers quickly. As a matter of fact if you get on it right away you could very well pay for your bull before you get into the summer season.

Your ability to provide a unique option for an after prom party is going to make you instantly stand out from the rest of the party rental business’s in your area.  The popularity of these bulls are growing because the word spreads like wildfire as each school tries to keep up with the other.

One of the best things about marketing to the schools is all the free advertising you will get after the fact. Every kid that posts a picture to twitter, instagram, Facebook and other social media of them on your bull is providing you with free advertising! Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity. If you are an amusement rentals business or a party rentals business the time to get on board with this is now!

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