Organic marketing is primarily search engine optimization but it also includes generating traffic from social networks, blogs, forums, third party websites and social media. Paid advertising usually entails Google ads, sponsored ads on various websites and buying virtual advertising space or slots. Organic marketing and paid advertising are both quintessential to gain virtual dominance or to at least have some considerable exposure but they have their share of pros and cons. Many companies indulge in paid advertising and do not work on organic marketing and many companies focus entirely on organic search engine optimization. Both approaches can be effective although we at Galaxy believe organic marketing goes a long way to building your future business. That is our philosophy and it works for us. Others might feel differently.

Here are the pros and cons of organic marketing vs. paid advertising.

  • Organic marketing, ala search engine optimization, is an effective way to gain trust. When you cater to a certain keyword, get your website to rank high on search engine results and get visibility, your target audience would not only get to your website or webpage but they would also trust you. The topmost results on search engines are what people focus on. It is accepted by all and sundry that the topmost results are the most relevant to what is being searched. This doesn’t happen with paid advertising. The slots for paid advertising are segregated and it is explicitly known that they are ads and not organically generated exposure. And everyone knows that when there is an ad, it is purely for promotional purposes. It may or may not be very trustworthy. The reason why people Google or look for something on search engines is because they would get the information they need without some companies trying to manufacture some information to suit their own needs, which is what advertising aims to accomplish.
  • While organic marketing is more effective and actually gets more people to trust a company and to try out a product or service, it is painstakingly complicated and it takes a long time to have any desired impact. It can take months and even years for a new company or website to gain some prominence on organic search results. Unless the niche is extremely rare or the content is phenomenally good and gets a lot of traction, a website would take months to get a desired rank. With paid advertising, the exposure is immediate. You pay for the slot or the ad and your company, product or service gets displayed at the chosen space. This allows a company to reach out to a target audience without the ambiguity of organic results and without investing a lot of time.

When we first started our organic marketing campaign, we were doing some paid advertising. Our goal was to eventually establish ourselves as the leader in the marketplace through organic marketing and website content. This is a decision we will never regret. If you choose to build your business through organic marketing make sure you consider a multitude of different mediums. Website content is very important. So are back links from other authority sites. Social media is important. Simple things such as the length of your url’s or keywords on a page can make a huge difference in your results. The great thing about organic marketing for a party rental business for amusement company is that the results last much longer as long as you pay close attention to search engine changes. There is no question that paidadvertising is easier, but the time and effort involved in organic marketing is definitely worth it.

For a great example of the right organic marketing techniques, please watch our Galaxy blog closely. We offer monthly tips and info on building your party rental business using the most current methods.