Mechanical Bull | Mechanical Bull For SaleIf you are in the party rental or amusement rental business you may be considering purchasing a mechanical bull. Truth be told making this decision might drastically increase the profits for your rental company.   Why? Well they are extremely popular, a large group of clients are looking something different and the price of the rental is higher than most rental items.

Buying a mechanical bull will also help your business two fold. 1. It will help you stand out from your competition, not every business can offer a mechanical bull. 2. It is going to drive more business your way and really raise your bottom line.


The price of a mechanical bull –

Every business has figure the cost of an item against the potential profits. With a mechanical bull the profit potential is there. A lot of organizations are looking for that one thing for their event that many other organizations do not offer. A mechanical bull can rent anywhere from $800-$1600 for a 4 hour event.  Compare this to the price of a $100 bounce house.  Not to mention the fact that if someone rentals a bull, you can usually upsell other items from your rental inventory.

Look at the mechanical bulls at   The experts at Galaxy can help you to understand the cost V profit formula. The potential is there because it is a unique item and unique items cost more to rent.

Who Should You Market Too?

There are several groups that are in the right frame of mind to take a look at your marketing for your mechanical bull. Think of organizations that do community fund raising projects. Your mechanical bull can be a fun way for them to raise donations. They can hold events where people “bet” on who will stay on the bull the longest.

Organizations or groups that hold school events like after prom parties. If you want to get a kid interested in a school event offer a mechanical bull and watch how quickly they sign on! Corporate groups that want to have a little fun at their yearly company picnic.

Community fairs, events and other community based gatherings. Even for a sweet sixteen or another special birthday. All of the people involved in all of these events would love to have a stand out option for their event like a mechanical bull!

The word of mouth advertising will spread quickly and customers will be booking your bull before you know it!

Will profits come faster with a cheap mechanical bull?

Premium Mechanical Bul | Buy a Mechanical Bull

This is an answer that is really a no brainer but SO many business owners will get it wrong.  Cheap is not the answer.  Quality and customer support are far more important than price.  If buy the cheapest mechanical bull, you can easily assume the quality won’t be great.  So what do you do if you have a big event and the night before your bull breaks?  Will your manufacturer have the parts you need here in the US?  Will there be someone there that can help you trouble shoot your problem?  A problem with just one rental can cause you a huge loss of $$.  Keep this in mind when you are pricing your mechanical bull.  The best bull for your business will be a good quality bull from an established manufacturer who looks at safety before anything else.

Are the Profits really as good as they look?

The simple answer is yes! The long answer is if you are savvy enough to be one of the first businesses that offer a mechanical bull for rent than you should hold on because the profits are going to blow you away!

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