In the last 20 years we have made some Promotional Rides, and have been asked to all sorts of crazy items. Recently we finished our Whirling Wizards broomstick ride and went straight into the rodeo mechanical grizzly bear! Innovation is something of a speciality for us.

Over the years our mechanical multi ride system has been used to promote and launch so many products all over the world, the latest being a giant slice of lime for Jose Curevo!

So we thought what better that to blog about some of our favourite promotional attachments that we have made for out mechanical bull system.

Jose Cuervo Mechanical Lime

This is the first and only mechanical rodeo lime in the world, made for Jose Cuervo by Galaxy America for their CuervoGames promotion. Teams of 4 compete in challenges, set all over the United States for the chance to compete in the final in Las Vegas.
The winners will win a trip of a lifetime to Mexico and their own batch of personalized Jose Cuervo Tequila!
More photos can be seen on our website and facebook fan page

Tecate Light Mechanical Beer Can

Tecate sponsored the PBR and wanted a custom Tecate Light can made so they could take it to every single PBR event for fans to ride. The result was fantastic, a mechanical bull that is a giant 5ft beer can!!!

Drench Mechanical Pheasant

Drench is drinks company in the UK that are famous for there unique advertising strategy. Iconic television advertisements have caught the attention of the general public.
With the launch of a new product we were approached to make a mechanical rodeo….. Pheasant!!! And from it came this great advert