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Big Deals Now! Pre-IAAPA Discounts


This year beat the lines! Or simply take advantage of our IAAPA prices even if you are not attending the show. You don't have to wait till that one week of the year. With Galaxy, you can place your order now and still use the IAAPA discounts!  If you weren't planning on attending this year's IAAPA show, but still wanted to buy from the exhibitors, with Galaxy you can do it as if you visited us during the week of November 17th-21st: buy our games with a discounted price from this moment on. Check out our amazing products following the links [...]

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Do you know who you are buying from?


These are the guys that make the magic happen: on the left Robin Whincup, inventor of the original multi ride system, and on the right, Michael Whincup, Robin's son and creator of the amazing new designs from Galaxy, including the Toxic Rampage. And here it's their incredible team: For 24 years we have manufactured the safest, most portable, innovative and entertaining mechanical rodeo bull on the market, and here's how it all began. The Birth of the Multi Ride System In 1985, Robin Whincup started a rental company, hiring out bouncy castles for children and adults. As the company grew he [...]

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Galaxy Multi Rides vs. Galaxy America: which is better?


Just in case there's still any doubts. This is a question that I got asked a while ago, and I thought it would be best to write about it to avoid any confusion. We are Galaxy, we have been since 1990 (and even a little before then). Our name is known the world over and is synonymous with quality, design and innovation. Then towards the end of the '90s we adopted The Rodeo Bull Company, a name that truly described what we did and what we specialized in: Mechanical Rodeo Bulls Systems. With us expanding into the USA the natural progression was the 'America' [...]

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Can You Increase Your Mechanical Bull Rental Profits by Using Social Media


That’s a question that we’re asked quite frequently. Do to the fact that we consider Galaxy Multi Rides a full service Multi Ride manufacturer , we try to work closely with our customers when they have questions about building their business. Of course, our customer’s success usually leads to more sales for us! So although we truly do believe in helping our customers grow their business, there is definitely a plus for us to helping the process. So, back to the social media question: Absolutely you can increase your bull rental profits with the use of social media. However, you can [...]

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What’s Even Better than a Rodeo Bull Ride? A Redneck Game On a Multi Ride Bull Base!


Whether you already have a Rodeo Bull Ride or whether you're looking for something brand new for your business, the newest attraction available is the Redneck Games selection from Galaxy Multirides. If you are asking yourself that age old question...What's the newest attraction for the year, then this is your answer! Check it out!

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