The World’s Largest Inflatable Theme Park.

We are Vertigo. Belfast, Northern Ireland

The world’s largest inflatable theme park, from Trampoline Park to Inflatapark in just twelve days. We are Vertigo trampoline park has been Northern Ireland’s largest, most popular and successful Trampoline Park for the last three years.

Gareth Murphy, Managing Director of the Vertigo Adventure Limited had the foresight to see it was time for a new direction and renovate the trampoline park.

With the high increase in trampoline park insurance, a saturated market and the long hot 2018 summer, Mr. Murphy clearly understood the need for change. That change was Northern Ireland’s first InflataPark.

The trampoline park to inflatable park conversion took just twelve days; from the last customers bouncing on the trampolines to the first VIP guests racing through the inflatable theme park.

Over 100 tradesmen worked day and night dismantling the original trampoline park structure, building the new extended mezzanine floor creating the space for our team of of installers to bring the world’s largest inflatable action park to life.

The Galaxy Inflataparks team installed the 30,000 sq foot inflatable action park in just 4 days. The We are Vertigo Inflatapark has seventeen inflatable and mechanical attractions, it has a capacity of 200 guests offering interactive fun for all the family.

Trampoline parks across the world are experiencing the same issues, increased competition, dwindling revenues and increased insurance costs.

Often these park owners are locked into long term leases on their property; what are their options?

Bankruptcy or redevelopment? There seems to be once clear choice.

An inflatable park is a cost effective, lucrative new form of family entertainment. The production and installation costs are less than a third of developing a trampoline park or soft play center. An inflatable theme park utilizes 95% of the floor space for play as opposed only 65% of a typical trampoline park. There are currently no other attractions that maximize the return on investment as fast as an inflatable park.

This is a list of all the attractions in the inflatable park.

  • Inflatable Birthday Throne
  • Biff Bash maze
  • Giant Moon Bounce
  • Hangry Hippo
  • Toxic Meltdown®
  • Adrenalator®
  • Toddler Zone
  • Photo wall
  • Ninja Challenge
  • Ninja Warped Wall
  • Electronic Interactive Team Challenge
  • Warrior Battle Zone
  • Giant Balls
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Two lane obstacle challenge.
  • Warrior Run
  • Climbing Wall

The Infaltapark at We are Vertigo fits in with their other attractions; indoor Ski Center, Indoor Skydiving center and Ninja Warrior Course.

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