For those who aspire to own and operate a theme park, the first step in the process is deciding whether you want to run an indoor inflatable theme park, outdoor family fun center or large amusement park and then picking the right theme park equipment for your business.

Each idea has its unique features and advantages. Much will depend on studying the market in your area, as well as your own financial position and interests.  Along the way, you will learn about theme park equipment, inflatable theme park design and steps to take when considering taking on operation of a family entertainment center.

The following provides a general overview of the three major theme park ideas.

Indoor Inflatable Theme Parks

Indoor inflatable theme parks provide entertainment that is completely enclosed within one giant wonderland of inflatable games, challenges and race courses. Rather than buying individual theme park equipment and entertainment, it’s possible to get a wide variety in one purchase.


What is Softplay?


These parks are a big part of a recent trend toward soft play, which involves creating a play space that has soft surfaces and allows even the youngest of children to play safely. The two major benefits of indoor inflatable theme parks are:

  • Having every type of entertainment included in one piece of entertainment. That includes climbing walls, slides, obstacle courses, bounce houses, zip lines and games that feature inflatable components, such as Meltdown-style sweeper games.
  • It’s all indoors. Whatever your business location, there’s a season where people can’t play comfortably outside. An indoor inflatable theme park eliminates that issue.

Outdoor Family Fun Centers

An outdoor fun center remains the classic entertainment for families and children. Many entrepreneurs in the family entertainment business will start by creating an outdoor fun center. Or, they may set up a party rental business where they rent out entertainment theme park equipment such as slides, obstacle courses, mechanical bulls and games to corporations, party planners and individual customers.

One smart step to take before committing to the business is to seek family entertainment center consulting. A good consultant can guide you through the steps involved in creating a successful business, including creating a solid business plan, securing financing, choosing a location and choosing what theme park equipment will work best in your location.

Consultants also can help develop inflatable theme park designs that will generate the cash flow a new business needs to survive.

Family Fun Center Consulting


Theme Park Design TipsLarge Outdoor Amusement Parks

For those who wish to move into the large outdoor amusement park business, the first step is to tackle master planning a theme park. This starts with a feasibility study that provides guidance for designers, construction companies and park managers on how they should approach buying theme park equipment and developing a theme park design. Potential investors require such a study before they will back a new outdoor amusement park plan.

In addition to analyzing market demand and setting up physical parameters for the park, the study also recommends the right mix of theme park equipment for the market under consideration.

Becoming an entrepreneur in the theme park business is a dream of many. It combines the business challenges of every industry with the unique fun and adventure of indoor and outdoor theme parks. Take the time to do thorough research and find which type of park works best for your market, budget and area of interest.

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