If you are considering an amusement business idea, you are not alone. It’s a growing area as more people and organizations decide to throw customized parties and families looking for unique entertainment that doesn’t cost them a fortune.

There are many different options for starting a business in the industry. The five business ideas below are among the most popular.

You will also want to find a partner that can manufacture safe, exciting rides that are built with a high standard of quality. That’s where a company like Galaxy Multi Rides, which has supplied amusement park rentals to companies around the world, can become a major asset for your amusement business idea by giving you an edge on the competition.

Indoor Trampoline Park

Plenty of people have a trampoline. But it’s unlikely many have ever experienced a trampoline park. This is the type of amusement business idea that drives repeat customer traffic. It’s something that is not only great for kids but for entire families. You can mix and match the type of trampolines that are best for your customers. Also, an indoor location means this attraction is available on any day in any type of weather.


The same concept applies here. People might rent an inflatable slide or bounce house but having a wide variety of awesome commercial grade inflatables under one roof creates an atmosphere unlike any other. And with the variety of attractions available and ability to customize your order, InflataParks are the perfect addition to your amusement business. While often called inflatable theme parks or inflatable playgrounds, they include slides, obstacle courses, games and bounce areas. And if you become partners with Galaxy Multi Rides, you can get fast and safe installation as well as training for you and your staff on the safe operation of the indoor theme park.

Indoor Bounce Houses

If you have children or know anyone who does, then you understand the attraction of adding an indoor bounce house to your mix of offerings. Parents are always looking for ways to keep kids active and entertained, and a bounce house business fills both those needs quite nicely. This is another area where modern design has led to a wide variety of choices for your bounce house style. This is the sort of attraction that can lead to repeat customers and great word-of-mouth advertising.


Going to a big waterpark is expensive and time-consuming. It’s also crowded. Offering people a smaller but still very cool waterpark with inflatable slides gives your customers a better option when they want the waterpark experience. You can also offer individual slides for rental for customers who want to have their own backyard waterpark-style party.

Party Rental Company

Speaking of rentals, some entrepreneurs in the amusement business decide to go with an amusement rental business. It’s another growth area as people can create bigger parties on their own and do it in their own backyards. Party rental companies also do great business with schools, churches, community organizations and corporations looking for large-scale amusement rental opportunities. With the ability to buy commercial inflatables of many different types, it’s possible to offer these clients and individual renters everything they could possibly need for a great party.

These amusement business ideas are all good ones if handled correctly. The first, important step is to find a company like Galaxy Multi Rides where you can choose from a variety of great attractions and know they have been built to the highest possible standards.