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Have you ever had the experience of riding a mechanical rodeo bull? There are so many different benefits that come along with having a mechanical bull in your business. Think about the crowds of people that visit bars or certain restaurants throughout the country just to get a chance to either ride the bucking machine themselves or watch one of their close friends do it. If you are searching for an effective way to increase the versatility of your own business, finding a mechanical bull for sale might be the best course of action to take for a number of different reasons.

Premium Options for Premium Ride

While you can easily find a standard mechanical rodeo bull, the very best and most competitive package available is to invest in a premium option. In order to take your investment to the next level, you need to simply create a complete experience that is captivating and engaging to the average consumer.
Therefore, finding a premium ride along with premium options is the best way to do just that. For example, with the Galaxy Multi Ride Premium Mechanical Bull package, there is a host of different features that can be implemented into the design along with an abundance of different attachments that could be used to expand your business promotions.

A Wide Range of Features

Along with being able to adjust the difficulty level of your mechanical bull ride between Easy and Hard, there are several other options that will make your customers feel excited about being able to take their ride to an uncontrollable yet safe and enjoyable level. For example, there are Cowboy, Insane and Surf levels available in addition to an implemented Special Effects button.

The premium package also comes with two LED digital clocks that are perfect for contests and competing against your friends and family members within a dual mechanical bull arena. Most consumers also enjoy being able to record the footage of their rides actively with the attached GoPro camera that comes along with the premium package as well. With this revolutionary camera, you will be able to capture 1080 high-definition footage that will be perfect for YouTube or Vine videos on their personal social media pages.

Endless Opportunities for Growth

Product-Image-940x450-Premium-Bull-FaciaThere are so many different opportunities that you can take full advantage of right now just by investing in a premium mechanical rodeo bull package. You will be able to maximize exposure to your business and drive an immeasurable amount of traffic by doing so. However, the purchase of your bull shouldn’t be where you stop. You might not do it at first, but eventually you will want to take advantage of all the attachments that come with your Galaxy Multi Rides machine. Whether it’s a beer bottle, a shark, a surf game or even a custom piece, the attachments offered by Galaxy are absolutely what makes their interactive games such a huge success. Once you have the bull, the major expense is finished so why not take advantage of all of the other theme rides that might fit your needs. With one major purchase you could have a slew of new rides to offer for rental. And that’s the secret to success in this industry.

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