Inflatable concept parks combine entertainment such as obstacle courses, slides, mechanical rides and much more all in one space. Perfect for adults and kids alike, these indoor inflatable theme parks are a fantastic way to attract more customers to a family fun center.

The best inflatable concept parks, such as the Inflataparks offered by Galaxy Multi Rides, include unique inflatables and other features. They also can be customized to fit whatever floor space a business has available.

The Popularity of Inflatable Concept Parks

Inflatable concept parks have become more popular in recent years as family fun center owners have seen the stellar reception their amusement business gets from customers.

It’s so popular that Dubai recently became the first country in the Middle East to have an inflatable concept park. Manufactured by Galaxy Multi Rides, the indoor theme park has a central walkway with all the inflatable entertainment branching off to either side.

It’s also huge! The park fills the entire central area of an 18,600 square-foot building, along with a Ninja Tag attraction and an aerial zip coaster.

Features of an Inflatable Concept Park

What can you get with an inflatable theme park? If ordered from Galaxy Multi Rides, the inflatable parks can include whatever features buyers want. They also can be configured to fit specific dimensions.

Some of the typical features include:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Slides
  • Bounce areas (for little kids)
  • Mechanical Bull
  • The Adrenelator®
  • Games such as Meltdown and Wrecking Ball
  • Multi sports arenas
  • Climbing walls

That’s just a taste of what an inflatable concept park can contain. It’s the versatility of the indoor parks that make them so popular. Family fun centers can instantly offer their customers a wide variety of entertainment, and it’s all contained in one location.

Why Galaxy Multi Rides?

Galaxy Multi Rides has been in the business of building amusement park entertainment for more than 28 years, including mechanical bulls and a host of inflatables. The company has manufacturing plants in both the United Kingdom and in Florida. They have worked with more than 6,000 clients worldwide.

They also are the inventors of Inflataparks and considered the worldwide leaders in inflatable park concepts.

The company offers all its clients custom designs, professional installations done quickly so as not to disrupt business, training of staff on how to operate a ride, and support to customers once the Inflatapark is installed.

For business owners looking for the latest entertainment to offer customers, an inflatable concept park is a smart choice. Check out the many options available and decide what will work best for the size you have available as well as the customer base you most want to reach in your area.