Inflatable theme parks allow both adults and children to enjoy games, obstacle courses, slides, mechanical rides and much more all in one space. For those in the family entertainment business, offering customers inflataparks is the next step in staying ahead of the competition.

The parks offer advantages to entertainment company owners, including not having to deal with weather-related issues, less physical labor and travel time, and a wide variety of options that allow your park to appeal to any age group.

Having an inflatable theme park gives an entertainment business the chance to offer all the attractions of inflatables together in one park. And because it’s indoors, people can enjoy it any time of the year.

Why Consider an Inflatable Theme Park?

Renting inflatables for backyard birthdays, neighborhood parties and corporate events is a great business. However, offering an indoor inflatable theme park adds another dimension to your business. That’s why the best manufacturers have started offering these popular attractions to family entertainment companies.

Here are some of the many advantages an indoor inflatable theme park offers.

Less Set Up Time

With customers coming to a central location, there is no need for the physical labor of transporting a rental to an outdoor location and setting it up. There also is no time spent on travel.

No Weather Issues

Weather is the great unknown factor when it comes to entertainment rentals. Any type of turn in the weather can delay or cancel an outdoor party. And severe weather during an event can cause damage to rentals. An indoor inflatable theme park eliminates that issue entirely.

Variety in What You Can Offer

The nature of indoor inflatable theme parks is that they can be built to feature whatever it is you want. Some aim for kids with multiple bounce houses, obstacle courses and slides. Others add attractions that might draw an older crowd, such as a mechanical bull or a unique attraction like the Adrenalator. The point is, with the right company, you can order an inflatable theme park customized to fit your space and offer the attractions you want.

What An Inflatable Theme Park Offers

Much of what a park offers depends on the entertainment manufacturer. Using Galaxy Multi Rides as an example, business owners can expect:

Custom design. All indoor inflatable theme parks are custom designed in-house to meet the client’s expectations.

Installation. Because of experience in both manufacturing and operating entertainment companies, Galaxy Multi Rides can install parks in just a matter of days.

Training. Staff is trained on how to safely operate the park.

Support. It’s not over once the park is installed. Support is offered from support centers around the world, so that you get the help you need when you need it, no matter where your business is located.

Adding an indoor inflatable theme park can elevate your family entertainment business to a new level. In fact, it just might give you the added customer base to open that second (or third or fourth) location!