Galaxy Fun Parks offer the most innovative, cutting edge designs for family entertainment centers. Although still relatively new to the entertainment industry, the new parks designed by Galaxy Multi Rides have become popular among entertainment business owners looking for the latest inflatable fun park equipment.

5 Amusement Business Ideas You Should Consider

Galaxy Fun Parks have already been installed or ordered for businesses around the globe, including entertainment centers in Northern Ireland, Canada and across the United States. In 2019 alone, Galaxy Multi Rides installed 13 Galaxy Fun Parks. That includes the biggest indoor inflatable theme park in the U.S. in Sarasota, Florida.

What Is a Galaxy Inflatable Park?

For those new to the amusement business, Galaxy Inflatable Parks provide a look at the future of what indoor entertainment centers can offer customers through creative use of inflatable fun park equipment.

Inflatable Parks The New Hot Attraction of 2020?

Galaxy Fun Parks take all the most popular inflatable entertainment and combine it into one giant inflatable. These new parks represent the most innovative design in family entertainment.

What Does A Galaxy Inflatable Park Offer?

Each Galaxy Fun Park is designed specifically for the buyer. No two are exactly alike. Buyers can choose from a long list of options that include the following.

  • Obstacle courses
  • Bounce houses
  • Games such as jousting
  • Zip lines
  • Giant slides
  • Climbing walls
  • Dodgeball
  • Mechanical games such as Toxic Meltdown and the Adrenalator

What is the Adrenelator®

That’s just scratching the surface. With the innovative approach to making Galaxy Inflatable Parks, businesses can get the attractions they want, just the way they want them.

Who Uses Galaxy Inflatable Parks?

Galaxy Fun Parks are perfect for any type of indoor entertainment center that wants to step up its game. Typical clients include indoor entertainment center owners who want to change what they offer – including those currently offer a trampoline park – or entrepreneurs who want to open a new center with the latest entertainment options available. Galaxy Multi Rides customizes each inflatable park to fit the layout and design of the business.

Galaxy Fun Parks have already become a worldwide phenomenon. Businesses that have installed a Galaxy Inflatable Park recently include Scene 75 in Columbus, Ohio; Jumpin Fun InflataPark in Sarasota; and We Are Vertigo in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Other parks in Canada, Dubai, Norway, Europe and Africa have also ordered Galaxy Inflatable Parks. As 2020 started, Galaxy Multi Rides has received six confirmed orders for an inflatable park and is working on designs for 16 more.

For those looking to convert a trampoline park or family entertainment center into something new and exciting, the Galaxy Fun Parks can provide exactly what you are looking for – and the professional support to set up and operate the park in a way that most benefits your business.

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