A surf simulator provides a popular way to increase the cool factor at your business. Safe but thrilling, an inflatable surf simulator gives people the excitement of catching a wave no matter how far from the ocean they are and comes in a lot of different varieties, including the board rides, flowriders and even arcade games.

Adding a surf simulator to your business can attract more customers and increase profits. It provides a way to make your business stand out from competitors. You’ve also got plenty of choices when looking for the best surf simulator for your business.

How to Bring Customers to Your Business

Options When Buying A Surf Simulator

You want to bring a bit of the beach to your place of business. The only thing to figure out is the best way to get it done. Check out some of these options. Each can draw a crowd into your family fun center or any type of business.

Galaxy Board Rides

If you know anything about surf rides, this is probably what you think about. A surfboard ride involves a board that simulates how a surfboard moves on the water. People compete to see who can last the longest. These board rides come in many different sizes and designs. It’s easy to find one that can draw crowds to your  family entertainment center, trampoline parks, or party and event rental business.

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The Flowrider uses artificial waves in a specially designed arena that pumps water over a surface that is designed to emulate the waves of the ocean. It’s an impressive ride. It takes a lot of skill to stand on a board in the Flowrider. You see them most often at amusement parks and on cruise ships. It’s become so popular that there is now a Flowriding World Championship.

Surfing Arcade Games

If the Flowrider and board rides come closest to simulating what it is like on the waves, the arcade games are the most removed from the water. But they are still a great deal of fun. Much like the inflatable surf simulator, riders step on a surfboard that simulates wave action. But it’s on a giant platform that is part of an arcade game. Riders can try 30 or more tricks and pick options that simulate the surf in Australia. Polynesia and South Africa, among other places.
VR Surf Simulator

Surfing VRA VR (virtual reality) surf simulator takes the idea of the arcade game to new heights. Players wear a helmet that gives them a video display that makes them feel as if they are truly on the ocean. This total immersive experience allows users to ride some of the most famous waves in the world. And it feels like they are actually there, not in a simulator.

Where to Buy a Surf Simulator

Galaxy Multi Rides offers some of the best surf simulators you can buy. The creation of exciting inflatable surf simulators in the 1990s is one reason the company became one of the best known entertainment ride companies in the world.

Each order with Galaxy Multi Rides is customized to meet the client’s needs. You can brand the surf simulator with your own logo, for example. The company makes sure that what you buy fits the available space/ You can choose a version that you think will work best with your customers and get alternative attachments and graphic sheets for skating and snowboarding.

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Putting a surf simulator into your place of business can increase foot traffic and make it a destination for people who want exciting, unique entertainment. Consider the options and find the one that best suits your business needs.