Entertainment center owners can do a variety of things to enhance what they offer their customers. But one thing they absolutely cannot do is stand pat! The demand of consumers and the variety of attractions available keep changing. It requires park owners to take the step of adding exciting attractions to their existing space.

Designers at Galaxy Multi Rides have spent decades continuously working on new and improved attractions that enhance entertainment parks and indoor family centers. From inflatable parks and mechanical bull rides to high-end obstacle courses and interactive action games, park owners have a lot of choices to make their park even better.

Exciting Attractions Breath Fresh Life Into Familiar Environments

Indoor entertainment centers have evolved from traditional arcades and bowling alleys to multifaceted hubs of excitement. The challenge is no longer just about keeping visitors entertained within four walls but about creating an environment that rivals the thrill of outdoor amusement parks.

Indoor family centers must embrace the challenge of introducing novelty within their existing spaces. The focus is on adding attractions that not only surprise but also cater to diverse interests, providing an all-encompassing entertainment experience for patrons of all ages.

Some of the options, all available through Galaxy Multi Rides, include the following.

Inflatable Theme Parks

Inflatable theme parks provide a diverse range of activities like games, obstacle courses, slides, and mechanical rides for both adults and children. Galaxy Multi Rides has designed and installed customized inflatable parks in locations around the world. They allow you to offer clients a wealth of unique experiences, all conveniently placed under one roof.

Mechanical Bull Rides

The term “bull” is the most common, but in reality, Galaxy Multi Rides – which has been making mechanical bull rides since 1990 – offers dozens of different attachments that go with the ride. People can ride types of food (pizza, taco, a buffalo chicken wing), seasonal (a spider for Halloween, or Rudolph Reindeer for Christmas), and many types of animals (killer whale, bulldog, Grizzly bear). And that’s just to name a few. The complete list has to be seen to be believed.

Interactive Action Games

Much like the “Ninja Warrior” or “Wipeout” TV shows, you can turn your entertainment center into a hub of exciting competitions by choosing to add exciting attractions such as Toxic Meltdown, Dizzy X and KAPOW! All these attractions from Galaxy Multi Rides offer customers the chance to participate in fun, challenging competitions that are safe and also a lot of fun. They also include air courts and the popular Adrenalator.

Board Rides

Surf’s up! No matter where you are located – even if it’s many miles from the ocean – everyone enjoys testing their skills on a surfboard. By adding an exciting board ride to your park offerings, you can give your customers the thrill of “hanging 10” or, for novices, simply meeting the challenge of hanging on! These rides are built for both experts and beginners.


Inflatables can be customized to fit the layout of your entertainment park or family fun center. Multiplayer obstacle courses, water bounce houses and inflatable tents are just a few of the choices. One of the most popular is the challenging Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, while the custom bounce houses are perfect for younger customers. Galaxy Multi Rides can customize any commercial inflatable to a specific size, color pattern, ride combination and branding requirements.

Enhancing what you offer your clients in your existing space is about more than just adding attractions. These attractions can help redefine the very nature of what you offer customers. These additions can transform parks into dynamic hubs that offer an unparalleled blend of safety and excitement.