For everyone who is still a kid at heart, creating an amusement business for kids is a business move worth considering. Those who enjoy entertaining children have many great business options to choose from, including indoor fun parks, arts and crafts, science centers and video arcades.

Chances are if you enjoy children and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will enjoy running an amusement business for kids. If this is an idea you’ve considered, check out some of the following kid play business ideas. Hopefully, they will spark an idea for your own business.

Indoor Fun Park

Indoor fun parks have become enormously popular. Much of it is driven by families looking for ways to entertain their children and a venue for parties and celebrations, making starting an indoor fun park one of the smartest kid play business ideas.

What is a Galaxy Fun Park?

The type of indoor fun park you decide to create is limited only by your imagination. There is a large variety of inflatables, thrill rides and other types of entertainment available, all designed to entertain kids. You can also combine different kid attractions, offering obstacle courses, slides and mechanical rides.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts marketed toward kids have been popular for many years. Kids use them for everything from Sweet 16 parties to a bar or bat mitzvah. Crafts that kids enjoy include scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, woodworking and jewelry. Kids can make handbags, totes, backpacks, scarves – the list goes on and on. The decision for the owner of this type of amusement business for kids is to determine the type of arts and crafts you want to provide. Also, it helps to have items that are designed for specific types of parties, such as birthdays, graduations and holidays.

Top Party Places for Kids and Adults

Science Center

These also remain popular, although there are fewer of these types of businesses and the startup costs can get steep. Science centers typically focus on one area of interest. For kids, this is usually dinosaurs, space and hands on exhibits that give the kids a chance to learn science by doing projects.

One popular niche in his area are discovery rooms for little kids. These typically include interactive exhibits, storytelling areas, hands-on areas for self-directed exploration and animal displays.

Video Arcades

Video arcades remain popular decades after they first emerged. While kids can now play video games on their computer at home, that’s not as fun as hanging out and playing games with your friends. Video arcades also offer larger, complex games that kids can’t play on a home computer.

 How to Increase Arcade Revenue

Of course, providing those games requires a substantial upfront investment, as does renting space in a high-traffic, highly visible location. These include places such as shopping centers, malls and tourist attractions. And if you want to increase arcade revenue, you can easily add other attractions, including mechanical bull rides and inflatable entertainment, as well as adding food concessions and retail products such as T-shirts.

Running an amusement business for kids is richly rewarding. With many different types of kid play business ideas to choose from, entrepreneurs have many paths of opportunity to realize their business dream.

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