Casino nights for party rental and events companies have become a core staple of their business. The popularity of bringing the taste of Las Vegas to a charity event, fundraisers and corporate picnics continues to rise. So how do you add that extra wow factor into your Las Vegas styled casino nights to separate you from the competition? Galaxy Multi Rides brings you the human roulette wheel!

What Is A Human Roulette Wheel?

Instead of spinning a small white ball around the roulette wheel,why not spin your guests and make them part of the entertainment?

The Human Roulette Wheel works of the same high profile mechanical motion base that controls our mechanical bulls. As well as 54 other different ride attachments.

How Do Guests Ride It?

Your party guests either sit or lay flat on the padded roulette disc and get spun around till they fall off onto the numbered slots.

The rider than safety falls onto the inflatable mattress which has a digitally printed cover sheet. Designed to look like a roulette wheel the sheet is attached via Velcro around the perimeter of the inflatable.

Before the rider falls the other guests are encouraged to “place their bets” and guess where the rider is going to fall. This can be done vocally or you can give casino chips to your guests.

Is It Hard To Set Up?

The whole game only takes 15 minutes to set up and break down and is extremely lightweight and portable.

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