Redneck Games | Interactive Game RentalsGalaxy Multi Rides is the market leader of unique, exciting interactive games. From inflatable modules to motion base games, interactive games to modules with mechanical elements, Galaxy Multi Rides specializes in all kinds of mobile game units. Unlike other players in the market, Galaxy Multi Rides is a pioneer of interactive action amusement games. The company doesn’t waste time imitating designs and concepts that are already out there. Instead, they innovate and put forth some of the most enticing interactive motion base games and inflatable games that we have seen in recent times.

With originality, unprecedented fun and fascinating concepts at your disposition, Galaxy Multi Rides has an unmatched inventory of interactive games and motion base rides. There are dozens of different games being offered by Galaxy Multi Rides. There are mechanical bulls with myriad variants of the traditional favorite, board rides, more than half a dozen action games, multi ride attachments and different types of promotional and custom rides.

Easy To Setup Motion Base Games

Interactive Games ManufacturerRegardless of the specific game of Galaxy Multi Rides that you take into consideration, they are all very easy to setup. Most of these games can be setup by two people. There are only a very few that because of their more elaborate structure might possibly need an extra hand in the set up. Inflatable motion base games with tons of mechanical elements have never been made available at a cost reasonable for the smaller and mid-size party rental company. Most games of this type in the past have always been used in either fixed locations or by larger carnivals.

Customizable Interactive GamesMeltdown Action Games|Customized Interactive Games

Galaxy Multi Rides specializes in making customizable interactive games. The company has all the expertise to make the game on their own without any external help. This empowers them to make different types of interactive, inflatable and motion base games according to the preferences of a customer. You can choose the size of the game depending on the space you have, difficulty level depending on the abilities or preferences of the guests and participants at the event and you can also choose whether you want complete modules or partial modules. Such an extensive level of customization is seldom heard of in the world of interactive, inflatable and motion base games.
A Plethora Of Choices

Galaxy Multi Rides offers a plethora of choices. For instance, in the action category there is Toxic Rampage, Redneck Games, Meltdown, Meltdown Zone, Battle Zone, Volcano Zone and River Rush. In every genre of interactive games, you get a wide variety to choose from.
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