For those who aspire to create a successful family fun center or events rental business, it’s smart to have a growth plan in mind. Many successful businesses start with a commercial bounce house before moving onto slides, other play equipment and eventually large inflatable installations.

This measured approach can help entrepreneurs turn a profit while they slowly build business, adding new attractions as their consumer base grows. It’s an alternative to rushing in without knowing how to successfully run larger attractions. It also keeps ambitious business owners moving forward with a solid plan.

Creating a Successful Entertainment Business

Running a fun center or events rental business remains a popular entrepreneurial choice. But while every city has a few that succeed, many more fail. That’s often from a failure to plan. That’s why Investopedia lists “inadequate management” and “ineffective business planning” as one of the four main reasons that businesses fail.

“Small businesses often overlook the importance of effective business planning prior to opening their doors,” the site notes. “Business owners who fail to address the needs of the business through a well-laid-out plan before operations begin are setting up their companies for serious challenges.”

Is An Inflatable Playground the Right Business For Me?

Running a business provides challenges enough without adding more. One of the challenges for party rental companies is providing the right mix of entertainment for their customers, from commercial bounce houses to inflatable parks. What follows are ideas on how to manage that in a steady, lucrative manner.

Commercial Bounce Houses

One of the best places to start with a fun center or inflatable rental business is to provide some of the popular forms of entertainment for smaller kids. Some of the best choices are commercial inflatables that include a variety of commercial bounce house styles, as well as slides for adults and kids. By purchasing unique bounce houses and slides, you can quickly draw both corporate and individual customers.

Building Up Your Amusement Business

Many entertainment companies start as a party or event rental business. After success in this area, entrepreneurs build up capital to take the next step: creating an amusement business for kids. This involves moving the business into an indoor space where you can supply kids with a variety of entertainment, including bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses and concessions. It’s important to offer attractions unique to your area and to buy them from companies that can create inflatables that fit your space and appeal to your customer base.

Profitable Kid Play Business Ideas

Custom Designed Inflatable Parks

Once they’ve had success with an indoor fun center, the next logical step for ambitious business owners is to learn how to start an inflatable park business. This is where a customized, giant Inflatable Park can provide your customers all the entertainment they need for the entire family. Inflatable parks combine commercial bounce houses and all the attractions listed above as well as thrill rides such as zip lines and rock walls. This elevates your business to compete with what families get when they go to an amusement park, but at a much more reasonable price.

How to Start an Inflatable Park Business

No business follows the exact same path, but having a plan to slowly ramp up your business in step-by-step fashion is often the way to go. It requires patience and discipline, but eventually it will pay off in a way with success for aspiring entertainment business entrepreneurs.